New locum superannuation pension forms for 2015-2016

The UK's three separate NHS pensions authorities have almost completed publishing the latest versions of locum forms A and B in time for the 1st April 2015.

Northern Ireland came in first this year with both A and B forms being published; Scotland in 2nd place with a new Form B and England still with a chance before the 1st April deadline (sorry, trying to make this sound exciting).

Do remember that from the 1st April, surgeries will be paying a slightly higher 14.3% employers contribution.

See each country's forms on their respective websites, or use our FAQ to access all in one place:

The NHS pension websites are not the easiest to navigate, so we've provided direct links to all locum GP Form A and B here for you.

Better still, we've completely automated all these forms and embedded them into NASGP's LocumDeck - completed within seconds, then even include the ability for practice managers to instantly sign them electronically.

There's a general section for all GPs, and also links to the forms you'll need if you're a locum GP. Links to the specific forms are here:

NB NASGP's online invoicing system includes automated Locum A and B forms for Scotland.

See the list of locum forms on the NI HSC pensions website.

NB NASGP's online invoicing system will include automated Locum A and B forms for Northern Ireland beginning September 2016.

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