New GP retention scheme from NHS England

If you're currently on  a performers list but seriously considering leaving general practice, but a part-time job with good flexibility and educational support would tempt you to stay as a GP, then NHS England's new GP retention scheme may be right up your street.

Part of NHS England's General Practice Forward View, it's quite clear that it's not intended as a measure to support GPs in remediation, unless that's due to health reasons, and there does appear to be a strong emphasis on education and support, so all-in-all it looks as if it has all the trappings for a well balanced scheme.

Of course, the scheme comes with an annual assessment and various other hoops, but will be a welcome new option for many GPs in the current climate.



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  1. Justine
    How to we find out more details?
    • Richard Fieldhouse
      There is a link in the first paragraph of the article. If you click on that you will go through to the NHS England site and at the bottom of that page is a list of phone numbers where you can call your local office.

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