GP locum flu vaccination – missing a trick

fluIt's flu season, which means it's that time of year for health leaders to overlook the mind-bogglingly obvious issue of offering an extremely cheap and simple way to reduce the risk of flu transmission by offering flu vaccination to locum GPs.

Which huge group (up to 17,000 of us) travel from practice to practice (up to 40 in a year), town to town, city to city, seeing sick patients at their first presentation, many of whom will have the flu, and then catch it ourselves and spread to other towns and cities?

Last year, the BMA had to go out of their way to extract advice from chief medical officers from England, Scotland and Wales – In England, the advice was to go and ask your own practice. This year, the chief medical officers have issued nothing (correction: see tweet from Dr Ruth Hussey OBE, CMO for Wales - thanks Ruth!).

What does the NASGP advise?

  • Similar to last year, download and adapt this letter to post to your CCG.
  • Book your flu jab with your local high street chemist (keep the receipt, you might be able to claim it against tax).
  • Just very nicely ask the next practice you're working in to do it for you.
  • Move to Wales.

Locum GPs – have you had your flu jab?

  • No (52%, 45 Votes)
  • Yes (48%, 42 Votes)

Total voters: 85

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