Delay of ‘Estimate Of Pensionable Income Form’ can result in maximum pension tier

If you're a salaried GP, now would be a very good time to check with your practice manager that they have included you on their 'Estimate Of Pensionable Income Form’ for year 2020/21; NHSPS regulations state that failure to submit the form on time shall result in all the GPs (excluding freelance GP locums) being subject to the maximum tiered employee contribution rate of 14.5% regardless of their income,

It is located by clicking onto the ‘Member Hub’, then onto the Practitioner webpage, and then onto ‘Estimate of pensionable earnings (GMS / PMS / APMS)’.

Every GMS, PMS, and APMS contractor in England & Wales is legally required, under statutory legislation, to submit a fully completed estimate form to NHSE/PCSE or the LHB no later than 1 March 2020; alternative versions of the form are not acceptable. An estimate form must be completed in respect of every contract even if one organisation holds several contracts.

Where a GP (excluding a freelance GP locum) or non-GP Provider joins the practice during the year a revised form must be submitted.

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