NASGP Podcast | Patient follow-up and handover

We're talking about our new very simple template to help patients get the most appropriate follow-up at the practice. We also discuss what we feel is the best way to record handover information to the next clinician.

With pressure for appointments increasing, it can be difficult to ensure that a patient of concern has access to the follow-up you had intended. Try using this form to flag up to reception when a patient really needs review.



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NASGP AppraisalAidIn its confidentiality guidance, the GMC states that implied consent would be sufficient in cases where patient data is being used for the purposes of clinical audit, which would include following up a patient's progress with the aim of personal learning and improvement. This means that if a locum sees a patient and then subsequently wishes to access the records of that patient held by that patient’s regular GP, they can do so without breaching confidentiality.


How to safely follow up a patient

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