We're still honouring the free MPS NASGP membership!

Although the free NASGP membership for newly qualified GPs in their first year is now officially over, we're still offering you a great deal.

All we're asking is that, in return for a year's free full membership, you use LocumDeck to manage your locum work and become one of our free/0%-for-life Instant Book early adopters.

Just follow the joining process below and we'll add you to the growing list of GP locums using LocumDeck.

NASGP and the Medical Protection Society

We have worked closely with the Medical Protection Society for 20 years, both is an advisory capacity and helping spread information about reducing risk in general practice.

A large part of that work has also included a close collaboration with both the original paper version of NASGP's locum induction pack, as well as the more recent online Standardised Practice Information Portal (Spip).

Enter MPS and LocumDeck

Founded in 1997, NASGP is a not for profit membership organisation run by sessional GPs. LocumDeck is part of NASGP’s evolving Practeus platform - an online platform for general practice, and is the embodiment of NASGP’s twenty year commitment to supporting sessional GPs and promoting safety and quality by fostering good working relationships between practices and GP locums.

LocumDeck is an easy-to-use yet sophisticated online tool that gives GP locums full control over how they work and, when using the Instant Book option, gives the locum and practice everything they need to book GP locums instantly. It reduces booking errors, avoids misunderstandings, saves precious time, and has the potential to open up much-needed GP capacity.

Where LocumDeck efficiently and safely engages GP locums, the Standardised Practice Information Portal (Spip) component of Practeus then welcomes and inducts these often isolated GP locums into an ecosystem of practice-specific information presented in an easy-to-navigate standardised format and shared by all GP staff within the practice and across networks of practices and CCGs.

LocumDeck offers GP locums

Invoicing & bookkeeping

At its simplest level, LocumDeck helps you organise your basic locum admin

  • Simple online invoicing and automatic generation of pension forms.
  • Keep a track of your mileage, expenses and earnings.
  • Generate accountant-friendly reports from LocumDeck’s Bookkeeper in preparation for your accounts and tax return.

Management of your own bookings

Having a clear, written agreement of the work to be carried out is one of the steps to a safe session, and LocumDeck has this ethos at the heart of its design

  • Generate your own T&Cs using NASGP’s terms and conditions picker - or upload your own if you wish.
  • Choose which of your professional credentials to display to practices.
  • Confirm your work using LocumDeck’s smart session confirmation system, leaving a clear audit trail of work agreed. Practices on LocumDeck can see a summary of your bookings and invoices.
  • Keep track of your work by synchronising LocumDeck’s calendar with your devices

Links with practices

Practices can join NASGP too, with full access to Practeus - all for free - allowing:

  • Synchronisation of all sessions and invoices with you through LocumDeck. And - should you allow a practice - to book you direct via Instant Book.
  • Access to essential practice-specific information about services and policies through access to their Standardised Practice Information Portal (Spip), ensuring you have everything you need to work effectively and efficiently in their practice.

Instant Book

The Instant Book feature allows you to decide when, where and how you want to work and share your real-time Committed Availability with any practices you choose.

  • For each practice, you can specify in great detail the type of work you are prepared to carry out with them, at what times and at what rates.
  • You pro-actively plan and add your Committed Availability to your calendar, so you can make considered decisions about your working patterns rather than having to make rushed decisions reactively in response to enquiries.
  • Each of your authorised practices can only 'see' the potential availability that you allow them to that fits within your availability.
    • E.g. you make yourself available in your calendar to work from 8 am to 6 pm. You have a favourite, familiar practice which is 10 min drive from your doorstep so you have authorised them to ‘see’ that they can Instant Book an 8am to 6pm on call session. In contrast, another practice is 30 minutes drive away; you are less familiar with their procedures and don’t like working there in the afternoon as the practice nurse leaves at 2pm. So you limit your Instant Book sessions with them to 9am - 1pm.
  • Practices can see your Credentials and your full Term and Conditions alongside your session availability to inform their booking decision.
  • Once an Instant Booking is made, your calendar is updated and you are notified by text and email confirmation.
  • It is liberating to pro-actively plan when you want to work at your own pace and watch the bookings roll in, without any of the inconvenience of having to respond to booking enquiries at times that don’t suit you and having to negotiate terms and rates.

LocumDeck offers GP practices

Help recruiting GP locums

Signing up to LocumDeck means you are added to LocumDeck’s ‘global’ practice list, visible to all GP locums, with those living within a 45 minute radius of your practice being notified that your practice is onboard.

Simpler working with locums

LocumDeck facilitates your direct interaction with locums

  • Alongside email copies of booking confirmations and invoices generated by LocumDeck’s confirmation and invoicing system, you also have access to a live summary of all your locum bookings and invoices online.
  • Within LocumDeck, click on your GP locum’s profile to see details of their T&Cs and professional credentials and documentation.

Help to enable GP locums to work safely and effectively in your practice

  • Spip is also part of Practeus, and comes with a LocumPack for you to display commonly needed or safety-critical information to any clinician working in your practice.

Instant Book

The holy grail of working with locums!

  • GPs can authorise you to Instant Book them if you agree to the parameters and terms set by them. If you’re happy, it’s literally one click and both you and the GP locum get a confirmed booking appearing in your respective calendars and are sent email confirmations and, in the locum’s case, a text message notification too.

Choose how to use LocumDeck

It’s up to you. You can just use it for quickly generating invoices, with automatic pension forms. Or in advance of the session, use it to ensure you have a booked session audit trail, complete with full online calendar that both you and the practice have access to. Or use LocumDeck’s full potential to allow practices to book you direct using Instant Book.

I’m a new GP in the area...

Welcome onboard! LocumDeck can help you find practices to work in, whether you’re checking out practices to find a substantive post or you want to locum longer term.

  • Take a look at our 40-page guide on how to set yourself up as a new locum after qualification.
  • LocumDeck’s ‘global’ list of practices shows a practice’s distance from your home, alongside their clinical IT system.
  • Instant Book allows you to define your safe working boundaries at an individual practice level; while you get used to the area and the different practice settings, you might prefer to limit your session types (e.g. shorter sessions, longer consultations, no on call etc) and then spread your wings as you gain confidence and familiarity.

I’m an established GP locum and I’ve already got lots of work in my ‘regular’ practices...

There’s still a lot LocumDeck can do for you:

  • Save significant amounts of admin time using the invoicing and automated pension forms and Bookkeeper in LocumDeck. You might even find you have time and energy for more locum work!
  • Make your own bookings on LocumDeck and use the confirmation system so you and each practice have a clear record of the agreed session details. Once a session is in your calendar, you can build confirmation emails in seconds.
  • Spread your net with LocumDeck
    • You never know when a practice’s needs will change - all of a sudden that practice you’ve worked in for a couple of years doesn’t need you anymore and there’s a black hole in your work calendar.
    • LocumDeck can allow you to link with local practices, and Instant Book is a great tool for spreading your bets and making yourself available to new practices. You’re in control of what type of sessions and workload you make available to the practice, so if you don’t want to risk accepting a 10 hour on-call shift without having worked at a particular practice before, then you can tailor your terms accordingly.

I’m a GP with a portfolio career and other commitments...

LocumDeck, and in particular the Instant Book feature, will be perfect in allowing you to plan ahead: ‘Block availability’ for your commitments, ‘Add availability’ for locum work around them and set clear boundaries on your availability and the sessions you are offering. Your chosen practices are notified when you activate Instant Book for them so, next time they need a locum, they can log in to LocumDeck and check your availability. Making a booking takes the practice seconds and means you secure a confirmed booking without the inconvenience of having to respond to booking enquiries and negotiate terms and rates at times that don’t suit you.

What does it cost? The deal for MPS members in GP training...

Thanks to the collaboration between NASGP and the MPS:

  • Full NASGP membership is free for GP registrars anyway, but GP registrars with MPS membership get full membership of NASGP free for 12 months once they've full qualified too.
  • Any GP locum sessions booked using NASGP's Instant Book for the six week period from qualifying as a GP will not incur the usual 5% service charge.
  • After the first 6 weeks of you first signing up, any Instant Book sessions (any session booked instantly, online, by the practice) attract a tax-deductible service charge of 5% inc VAT of the session fee payable by the GP locum, which you can of course reflect in your session rates.
  • NB you are not in any way obliged to use Instant Book if you don't want to, and there is no service charge for any online bookings that you make yourself.

Just in case you're wondering, practice membership of NASGP is free and allows:

  • Full use of LocumDeck by the practice.
  • Set up and share a Spip.
  • Full access to the NASGP website, including access to our special area for GP practices, designed to help you make your locum sessions more productive.

Key concepts

This is central to how Instant Book works. By the GP locum fully committing to all sessions that they make available for Instant Book to specific practices that they choose within LocumDeck, those chosen practices can be assured that all the locum availability that’s shown to practices is completely accurate.

GP locums get to set the parameters around their availability in great detail; from defining which practices they are willing to work in, when they want to work, and the duties and workload they are prepared to undertake in each practice setting.

Committed Availability removes the need for practices and locums to undertake discussions by phone or email, reduces the chances of double-bookings, misunderstandings or other problems occurring on the day. It allows GP locums to use their professional judgement in setting the boundary around what work they feel they can safely carry out in each practice.

LocumDeck is unique in its ability to allow GP locums to define every significant parameter concerning their acceptance of a session at any given practice, even taking into account average rush-hour travel times between practices.

Having defined these parameters, and manually activated the capability for each individual practice to instantly book them, the GP locum can then define any dates and times on their own personal calendar within LocumDeck - Committed Availability - and undertake a declaration to commit to a booking should the practice book them directly through LocumDeck using Instant Book.

This only applies if the session is booked by the practice using Instant Book, and is charged to the locum. As a GP locum, you can still use LocumDeck to manage all your bookings, including our automated one-click confirmation process, without paying anything more than your NASGP membership fee.

When GP locums are defining their sessional or hourly rates in their LocumDeck settings, they are free to define two versions: their usual rate, and an Instant Book rate that reflects the 5% service charge. Then, against each practice within their LocumDeck settings, apply the Instant Book session.

Therefore, when a practice finds a suitable match, they have the option to either book and confirm the GP locum straight away using Instant Book, or, if the locum has declared in their practice statement that they are prepared to accept enquiries, they can instead contact the locum via phone or email where the locum can then book the session on LocumDeck manually and avoid the 5% service charge.

We firmly believe that there should be no restriction on GP locums being asked by practices to become regular employed GPs or partners. NASGP does not impose any form of restrictive or exclusivity 'Trojan Horse' clause on either practices or GP locums, which could result in the practice being liable to pay the agency or platform some 15% of the employed GPs salary for one year.

Instead, practices and GPs can be reassured that they are free to offer salaried posts or partnerships without any financial penalty whatsoever. In fact, we encourage practices to use LocumDeck as a means of identifying future substantive staff!

LocumDeck puts GPs in the driving seat. The rising demand in general practice has pushed GPs into working conditions that many feel are eroding safety and are beyond the limit of human endurance to be making well-judged, safety-critical decisions. We feel that that the person who is doing the work and taking clinical responsibility is best placed to decide their safe working boundaries.

In allowing GPs to tailor their terms and workload for each practice setting, which by definition the practice has to accept to make a booking, the Instant Book feature of LocumDeck gives professional autonomy in setting safe working boundaries.

Picture this; at a calm moment, with a cup of tea on hand, you sit down with your online calendar to plan your working patterns for the next few months.

First, you add all those important non-work commitments like holidays and family events. LocumDeck’s calendar clash feature will now block you from inadvertently adding any work into these slots without a big red warning message appearing.

Then you build your work availability around these. For each available slot you add, remember that a practice only ‘sees’ the specific session type you have set up for them that fits within the availability you define.

And then, that’s it! No more day to day hassle of responding reactively to booking enquiries and having to make rushed decisions ‘on the go’. No negotiating over rates or terms - the practice has already accepted your pre-defined terms in making the booking.

So you just wait for the confirmation emails, notification texts and your booking calendar to fill up with work within the professional framework that you have designed and have had full control over. And generating invoices and pension forms literally takes one-click, with the practice also getting their own summary on their LocumDeck.

Start at Settings >> Booking defaults, and work through the others in sequence.

See Sara’s quick introductory video

More LocumDeck FAQs

LocumDeck's richness and ease of use now brings so much control to GP locums that you can now specifically define and, just as importantly, keep track of every single booking's agreement.

In terms of T&Cs for specific practices, and specific sessions, the way we've enabled that is to allow the locum to specify these preferences in about five different places to state specific terms.

Terms & Conditions - Settings >> T&Cs

  • Firstly, in your T&Cs, in each section, we have an 'other' button. Click that, and type "See specific session confirmation for further information", or words to that effect.

Defining and adding new sessions Sessions >> Setting types and rates.

  • On-call
    • Specifically select a type of session that is 'on-call'.
  • Number of patients etc
    • Customise the name of sessions, which is where we see a lot of our locums call a session "17 patients at 10 mins", for example.
  • Visits
    • Mark whether you are prepared to carry out home visits.

Making a booking Bookings >> Add new

  • Another opportunity to customise the name of sessions under "Name and description of session you want to appear on email confirmation"
  • Add specific session definitions in "Notes to appear in confirmation email:" on

In each practice's address book Settings >> Practice

  • This is used a lot by our members who are using Instant Book. Click on Practice statement and notes and specify specific T&C for that practice. So when a practice is making that booking, they will see exactly what you're prepared to do in your session.

LocumDeck's richness and ease of use now brings so much control to GP locums that you can now specifically define and, just as importantly, keep track of every single booking's agreement.

In terms of T&Cs for specific practices, and specific sessions, the way we've enabled that is to allow the locum to specify these preferences in about five different places to state specific terms.

Terms & Conditions - Settings >> T&Cs

  • Firstly, in your T&Cs, in each section, we have an 'other' button. Click that, and type "See specific session confirmation for further information", or words to that effect.

Defining and adding new sessions Sessions >> Setting types and rates.

  • On-call
    • Specifically select a type of session that is 'on-call'.
  • Number of patients etc
    • Customise the name of sessions, which is where we see a lot of our locums call a session "17 patients at 10 mins", for example.
  • Visits
    • Mark whether you are prepared to carry out home visits.

Making a booking Bookings >> Add new

  • Another opportunity to customise the name of sessions under "Name and description of session you want to appear on email confirmation"
  • Add specific session definitions in "Notes to appear in confirmation email:" on

In each practice's address book Settings >> Practice

  • This is used a lot by our members who are using Instant Book. Click on Practice statement and notes and specify specific T&C for that practice. So when a practice is making that booking, they will see exactly what you're prepared to do in your session.

In LocumDeck, go to Settings >> Credentials and upload your documents into the relevant place.

Whenever you confirm a session with the practice, they will get a link to all these documents for their records.

Practices can also see these when viewing your profile before and after booking you using Instant Book.

Yes you can. Although not currently elegant, what you can do is just uncheck all the different clauses in the NASGP T&Cs, and instead - in one of the text boxes - just say that you're using your own T&CS and that they're in your 'Credentials'.

And lastly, upload your own T&Cs to your credentials section.

All that said, if you prefer your own T&Cs, please let us know which clauses you feel the NASGP's T&Cs falls short in, and we can then work with you to get your clauses added to NASGP's options.

"If I get paid for some locum work right on last day of the month for work done that month, but don't receive the Locum A forms back from the practice until after the 7 th, does it matter if I submit my Locum B form in the middle of that following month, even though it will still be within 10 weeks?"

You have two options - either create a "supplementary B form" (LocumDeck does that automatically for you, and send that with a quick Post-It explaining the issue), or in LocumDeck, mark the date as paid when you receive the practice's 'official receipt of pensionable work' i.e. your signed Locum A form, which means the corresponding Locum B form the following month will have all the correct details.

Thanks to HE for your question.

Aspects of LocumDeck don't yet work on smartphones in any consistent way. For example, some aspects don't work on Safari but do in Chrome, and vice-versa.

For the time being, we strongly suggest sticking to the PC/Mac versions, and as more members start using the Instant Book features, we'll be able to invest in the development of a specific Android and iPhone app.

Due to popular request, we're investigating how to import information from Locum Organiser and MyLocumManager - if you have export data you'd like us to import, please get in touch.

We’ve done everything possible to make double booking on LocumDeck a rare occurrence.

We have built in complex logic to block LocumDeck from double booking you if you are using Instant Book - even including time-of-day sensitive travel times between work locations and your own chosen travel limits and break times.

If you are adding your own booking to your LocumDeck, there is a ‘calendar clash’ feature which will block you from adding a booking or event into another commitment.

Contact both practices urgently to resolve the issue. Bear in mind that, when adding your availability to LocumDeck, you accepted Terms and Conditions that committed you to any sessions booked using Instant Book.

Many locum agencies and booking platforms have restrictive clauses that reserve the right to charge either the locum, or the practice, or both, a substantial fee (often in the region of 15% of the GPs salary for one year) should a practice then go on to employ the locum as a partner or salaried GP.

We have no such policy at NASGP, and instead encourage you to explore exciting job opportunities in as many supportive practices as possible.

Even with Instant Book active for a specific practice, that practice can still liaise directly with you and ask you to book the session from your end and bypass Instant Book. This is perfectly acceptable for a practice to do and does not breach NASGP’s T&Cs. Some people just prefer things the old way, or they may have a good reason to do so. It is entirely up to you to accept or decline this approach and, if the latter, you could say as much in your Practice Statement for that practice.

A practice can only see your availability if you have agreed to let that practice book you using Instant Book. You can add any practice to your LocumDeck address book, and only activate Instant Book for certain practices, or all of them or none of them. Even if Instant Book isn’t activated for a practice, you can still book and confirm your own sessions with them, send invoices etc, all through LocumDeck, all as part of your NASGP membership.

LocumDeck was launched in mid-February 2017, so to begin with there won’t be any! In which case, add the practice manually, paying particular attention to the practice manager’s email address and practice postcode, so that when the practice does sign up for LocumDeck, your practice details will be automatically matched to the practice’s. When a new practice signs up within an area defined by you, you’ll be sent an email letting you know.

When you send an invoice to a practice, the NASGP invoicing system automatically generates a unique invoice number and, if you're claiming NHS pension, a Locum A form.

From an accountancy point of view, if you have undercharged, it's fairly straight forward to generate an additional invoice (see below) for the extra amount. If you have overcharged, or need to cancel an invoice then, strictly speaking, you need to update your 'books' by issuing a credit note to the practice for the cancelled invoice's amount which will, equally, update the practice's accounts books to show that the amount for the outstanding invoice has been covered by the credit note. Nope, they didn't teach us that during GP training!

We have not (yet?!) created the ability to cancel, amend or issue credit notes, but it's firmly on our list of functions to add.

Meanwhile, our advice is to

  • Inform the practice as soon as possible that you need to revise the invoice, and ask them how they would prefer you to do this, to keep things as simple for them.
  • If you've left out certain charges, we suggest you create a new Session type in invoicing settings, specifically for this purpose, and create a session in the same month as the other sessions. This will ensure that the relevant Locum A information is also generated, that will also then be reflected in the relevant Locum B form when the payment is received.
  • If you've charged too much, please contact us  giving as much detail as possible so that we can see if we can resolve this for you.

NASGP publishes advice for practice managers on what to do when things go wrong with a locum. As stated in LocumDeck’s T&Cs and elsewhere, NASGP does not perform any checks on the locum and cannot directly support either the practice or the GP locum.

LocumDeck was launched in mid-February 2017, so to begin with there won’t be any! By setting up your practice on LocumDeck, we’ve automatically emailed every NASGP locum on the NASGP database (currently 2,500 members nationally) within a 45 minute commute of your practice, telling them that a new practice has been added near them on LocumDeck. We will soon be adding a feature whereby you can invite any other locums you know to sign up to LocumDeck.

LocumDeck is completely free to practice managers.

It keeps a record of all your locum invoices that have generated by locums using LocumDeck. You can print the invoices out if you want, and coming Spring 2017  you'll be able to export all these invoices in one go as an Excel spreadsheet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When the GP locum made their details available to you and published their availability on LocumDeck, they accepted a commitment to any bookings then made, in advance, using the Terms and Conditions that they specified so this should be a rare occurrence. Please contact the locum direct to resolve the issue.

We’ve designed LocumDeck to make this impossible - unless we have a bug in the system! When a practice is in the process of actively booking one or more locums using Instant Book, it automatically blocks those locums’ availability for up to 60 minutes. The worst that can happen is that between selecting a locum prior to Instant Book and then confirming the bookings, another practice may have swept in and gone through this two-step process quicker than you.

By enabling Instant Book, the GP locum has made a commitment to honour any booking made using Instant Book. At the moment the booking is made by you

  • The GP locum is sent a text message.
  • The locum is sent an email confirmation, copying in the practice manager and the practice’s designated booking manager (if one exists).
  • The locum’s calendar is updated with full details of the booking, and the booking is also added to the practice managers list of upcoming sessions.

Despite this, it is still the responsibility of the GP locum to commit to their declared availability and keep a close eye on their calendar.

Some members choose to Save an invoice and then download or print to send to the practice.

Once the invoice is sent you can Mark as sent from Invoices >> History to help you keep track of your invoices and payments. If the practice is linked with you, once you Mark as sent, they will also be able to access a copy of your invoice from their LocumDeck (open the invoice details by sliding the down arrow at the end of the row and you will find Mark as sent.)

Cancelling invoices sent manually will involve generating a credit note for your records. It is best practice that you also issue the credit note to the practice for their records. LocumDeck gives you the flexibility to decide how you want to do this.

  • From Cancel invoice, follow the on-screen help
  • You’ll be given the option to add a note about the reason for the cancellation. This will be shared with the practice as well as for your own records.
  • You can either Save or Approve and send the credit note
    • If you Save the credit note, you will be able to print or download it to send on to the practice.
    • Approve and send will immediately email the credit note to the practice and, if they are linked with you, share the credit note with them on LocumDeck.

More LocumDeck FAQs

When you were creating your invoice, if you chose to Save it, this means it is only on your LocumDeck, and the practice will have no record of it. It will show as ‘Saved. Not sent’ on your Invoices >> History

If the ‘Saved. Not sent’ invoice you’re cancelling is

  • the last invoice created, and therefore has your latest invoice number, you’ll simply be able to cancel it without generating a credit note - doing this will not involve breaking your invoice number sequence.
    • Just follow the on screen help after you’ve clicked cancel invoice; you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to delete the invoice and then it’s done.
  • not the last invoice created, you can’t simply delete the invoice as it will break your invoice number sequence. The cancelled invoice will remain saved in your records, marked as cancelled and a credit note will be saved to your Invoice and Bookkeeper records to offset the cancelled invoice
    • Just follow the on screen help - you get the option to add a reason for the cancellation; and then click Save.

More LocumDeck FAQs

Once the Locum B form is generated, the invoice’s record is considered complete and becomes locked.

And when you open up the invoice details by sliding the down arrow at the end of the row it will show the invoice sent date as set with no ability to edit the sent date.

More LocumDeck FAQs

One alternative is to cancel the invoice with the overcharging error. This will usually involve generating a Credit note which offsets the cancelled invoice in your records and the practice’s records. Then create a new invoice for the correct amount. Alternatively, if you’re working again at that practice, it is possible to manually adjust the final price you charge for one or more future sessions when you come to generate those invoices.

It’s not yet possible to issue credit notes which only partially credit back some of the invoice amount.

More LocumDeck FAQs

If a practice on LocumDeck needs cover but no GPs have yet proactively made themselves available for Instant Book on the dates they need, the practice can put out an Availability request, which goes to locums within a 45 minute travel radius.

As a GP, you receive an email notification of which practice is looking for cover and you can find more details by logging in to LocumDeck and clicking through to the Availability request shown in orange on your LocumDeck calendar.

The practice can specify basic details such as date, start and end times of the cover. They can also add more detailed information about their requirements e.g. they are nudged to specify the type of appointments (triaged, on call, walk in, f2f, telephone etc), typical number of contacts expected, whether admin duties are required and which other members of the healthcare team will be present or whether you’ll be working as a lone clinician.

More LocumDeck FAQs

Not at the moment. Currently, Availability requests are sent to all locums on our membership database within range of the practice who wish to receive them. If there is interest from practices and our locum members in allowing practices to be more specific and personal in their requests, we are all ears to feedback.

More LocumDeck FAQs

Respond by going to the Availability request shown in orange on your calendar.

  • Open the request to see more information about the practice and whatever information they’ve given you about their cover requirement.
  • You can choose to
    • Decline the request which simply removes it from your calendar. The practice is not informed when you decline.
    • Offer bookable availability just to the requesting practice - this is a recently added feature as many members told us they sometimes like to prioritise some practices over others when deciding whether to offer availability. So now you can be specific in only showing Availability to the requesting practice.
    • Offer bookable availability to all of your Instant Book activated practices
  • If you offer bookable availability, the on-screen help will take you through a series of steps to allow you to
    • amend the times of work you’re offering, if needed
    • review the practice in more detail
    • set the bookable work you want to offer by activating or even creating a new session type for the practice. This includes setting your pay rates.

More LocumDeck FAQs

Practices are notified by email that bookable availability has been added for their practice. When they login to LocumDeck they can review the bookable work you are offering, alongside any Credentials and T&Cs you have added, and are able to make an Instant Booking.

More LocumDeck FAQs

The simplest way is that practices will make an online booking based on the work you have offered them. If an instant booking is made, you are notified by text message and email confirmation, and you can login to see full details in LocumDeck. Basically, there should not be any surprises as the booking will be on the terms and pay rates that you pre-decided when you offered the bookable availability.

More LocumDeck FAQs

This is simple to do on LocumDeck.

  • Go to your Invoices >> History
  • Open up the invoice details by using the slide down arrow at the end of your invoice’s row
  • Click Cancel invoice and follow the on screen help.

The process will vary slightly depending on

  • whether and how you sent the invoice or just saved it to your records
  • whether cancelling the invoice will involve breaking the sequence of your invoice numbers.

This is because, legally, invoices are significant documents - they represent your right to charge someone money. So there are two important accounting requirements that have been built into LocumDeck to keep your records in tip-top shape.

  • If an invoice has been sent, a credit note should be issued to offset the cancelled invoice in both your and the practice’s accounts.
  • Invoice numbering should be sequential.

More LocumDeck FAQs

When you were creating your invoice, if you chose to Send it, this means the invoice was emailed to the practice and, if the practice is linked with you, instantly shared securely on their LocumDeck. In your Invoices >> History, the invoice will initially show as ‘Sent. Unpaid’, then changed by the practice to ‘Payment sent’ and finally ‘Payment received’ once you mark it as paid.

  • To cancel an invoice that has been received by the practice, follow the on screen help to generate a Credit note
  • You’ll be asked if you want to add a reason for the cancellation. This will be shared with the practice as well as for your own records.
  • You’ll be prompted to Approve and send the credit note, which will also be stored in your own Bookkeeper and Invoices records.

More LocumDeck FAQs

Not within LocumDeck - If you don’t receive a booking confirmation, then it’s fair to presume the practice has found another way of meeting their needs. The Availability slot will remain in your calendar and it’s up to you what you want to do next e.g.

  • If the Availability is just for the requesting practice and they haven’t booked you within a timeframe you think is reasonable, you could delete the slot and add availability for all your activated practices

More LocumDeck FAQs

There are a few of ways you can use LocumDeck to find work, either in your familiar practices or exploring new ones.

  1. Add practices to your Practices address book
    1. Every time you add a practice, either by finding a practice on LocumDeck’s list of practices, or by manually adding a practice that is not yet on the global list, the practice receives a notification that they have been added by a doctor who is interested in trying to link with them on LocumDeck. This can be a great first introduction to a new practice.
  2. Set yourself up for Instant Book
    1. Dedicate around half an hour to get set up for Instant Book
      1. First get some general housekeeping done by working through Settings >> Booking defaults
        1. This covers everything from your travel preferences, what IT systems you use, to ensuring your T&Cs and Credentials are up to date and ready to share with practices.
      2. Next set your practice-level requirements
        1. Choose which practices you want to activate for Instant Book and set up the session types you want to work in each practice, whether you’re claiming pension or making any other charges etc
      3. Finally, add availability to your calendar.
        1. Adding availability is the final step to making yourself bookable by your chosen practices.
        2. The clever bit is that each practice will only “see” the specific session details that you individually set up for them in their practice record.
        3. It is very useful to display your LocumDeck calendar on your other devices - See Displaying your calendar on your devices
  3. Look out for Availability nudges and Activation requests from local practices
    1. If a practice on LocumDeck needs cover but no GPs have yet proactively made themselves available to them for Instant Book on the dates they need, the practice can put out an Availability request, which goes to all NASGP members/locums within a 45 minute travel radius.
    2. This serves as an indicator that if you make yourself available for Instant Book on that date, you are more likely to get work as you know a practice has an unfulfilled need for cover.

More LocumDeck FAQs

  • Go to LocumDeck >> Settings >> T&Cs
  • Here you will find a customisable T&Cs picker with suggested tickboxes or the option to leave freetext by clicking ‘Other’
  • Click ‘View my T&Cs’ in the top right corner to see how it displays to the practices, along with an archive of your previous T&Cs.

More LocumDeck FAQs

To practices you are linked with on LocumDeck, your T&Cs will be included on your profile and visible to the practice whenever they access your profile.

Your T&Cs are also included in any LocumDeck generated email sent to the practice. E.g.

  • Request confirmation or final booking confirmation emails
  • Your invoice emails to the practices.

More LocumDeck FAQs

You can upload documents in LocumDeck >> Settings >> Credentials. We suggest that you use one of the freetext options within the LocumDeck >> Settings >> T&Cs to state that you have uploaded your own T&Cs in the Credentials section.

More LocumDeck FAQs

In LocumDeck, the T&Cs are intended for essential, ‘boilerplate’ conditions that you want to apply as a baseline to all your work e.g. requiring a secure, unique IT system log in, wanting to be paid on time, your cancellation policy etc.

We totally understand, and know from our own experience, that you may have varying conditions for each practice you work in and LocumDeck is totally designed around giving you the flexibility to define your working boundaries for each booking and for each practice e.g. different minimum consultation lengths, numbers of patient contacts etc

If this is the case, in the relevant section of LocumDeck >> Settings >> T&Cs, we suggest using the ‘Other’ options and then using the freetext to explain this e.g. “Minimum consultation length as specified at the time of booking”.

You can also add extra wording to each practice's profile in your address book, so that when you’re booked using Instant Book, you’re given an extra layer of ability to specify your working conditions in each specific practice.

More LocumDeck FAQs

If you’re adding your own booking, you can tailor your session and put conditions around the booking at three points

If you’re using Instant Book

  • Use step 1 above to define your Session type to whatever level of detail you like.
  • Use Practice Statement within each practice's record to specify any other conditions you need to work effectively in that practice. (see below)

More LocumDeck FAQs

Whenever and as often as you like. There are no rules. Some invoice at end of month, others bi-weekly. But it’s probably more important to build a habit of regular invoicing and pension admin that fits your work routine.

Our experience is that most locums invoice at the end of the month.

One time-limit to be aware of with invoicing is that you cannot pension work that was carried out more than 10 weeks ago.

More LocumDeck FAQs

A session becomes ‘ready for invoicing’ once it is underway - it then appears as pale blue in your calendar.

  • Invoice session by clicking the session on your calendar or via Invoices >> Create invoice & Locum A
  • When you tick the sessions you want to invoice, you will see the invoice, complete with automatic pension calculations, appear on the right hand side.
  • Email invoice
    • sends it straight to the practice manage and invoice contact
  • Printable copy
    • saves the invoice into Invoice >> History where you can click on the invoice number to get a printable copy.
  • In both cases, the invoice details and any pension contribution are also automatically saved in Bookkeeper.

More LocumDeck FAQs

You can reach the Bookings >> Edit/cancel page by clicking on a session in your calendar or via the menu.

  • Reserved (red) sessions are between you and your calendar. As far as LocumDeck knows, the practice has not been sent any notification of these reserved, draft sessions so they can be easily deleted with one click from your calendar.
  • For Confirmed (green) or Confirmation requested (yellow) sessions there are extra steps of informing the practice of the cancellation or change. Use the tickboxes to select the session you need to change from the Session details queue on the leftt - this takes them across to the right hand side, where they can be edited. After editing, you can decide whether to immediately Manually confirm the changes or Ask the practice to confirm them.
  • There is handy on-screen help via the ? icons if you need it.

More LocumDeck FAQs

See a video guide on how to add mileage.

More LocumDeck FAQs

e.g. to change the fee, add visit costs, charge for more time etc

More LocumDeck FAQs

No problem - after you made your invoice in Create invoice and Locum A, click Save; this will save a copy of your invoice and Locum A form straight to your Invoice history. From there, you can click on the Invoice number to open up a printable copy.

More LocumDeck FAQs

No problem. You can generate another Form B for the month - as many as you need. It will be called [Month][Year] Supplementary in Your Locum B Forms archive.

More LocumDeck FAQs

No problem. In the practice's record in your address book - (Settings >> Practices), under the Contacts tab, you can add a separate Invoicing contact, alongside the practice manager. They will both get copies of your invoices and any associated pension forms. You can also add a separate Booking contact who will receive all your confirmation emails and be able to confirm sessions if you send a confirmation request.

More LocumDeck FAQs

LocumDeck has been designed to help you keep on the right side of the pension agency rules which dictate that the Locum form B is a record of pay received during a calendar month regardless of when the work was carried out. So LocumDeck will summon invoices depending on the date they were 'marked as paid' e.g. you work in March, send an invoice in early April but don't receive payment until early May when you mark it as paid. LocumDeck will summon this invoice for inclusion on your May Locum B form. So the first thing to check, if you're not seeing the invoices you expect, is when you were actually paid. If you're still at a loss, then please contact us.

More LocumDeck FAQs

For future sessions, there is traffic light colour-coding depending on the status of the session, going from red for Reserved session through to yellow for Confirmation requested, and green for Confirmed sessions.

Sessions that have started or are in the past turn shades of blue for sessions at different stages of invoicing/payment.

Hovering over or clicking on the session will further remind you of the status of the session.

More LocumDeck FAQs

Add LocumDeck calendar to Google calendar, appear on all devices

  • Go to your LocumDeck Calendar on a PC/Mac and click on the blue synchronise icon at the top right of calendar - a URL will appear that looks like webcal://www.nasgp.org.uk/espip/calendar/o3DqSFeJ2HvhOT...
  • If you're in Chrome, signed into your Google account, your Google calendar should open up and ask you to add direct to your Calendar. Click Add.
  • If you're not in Chrome, or this doesn't happen, copy the URL that appears and, in your Google calendar, go to Settings >> Add calendar >> From URL and just follow the instructions.
  • Assuming you've already set up your Google account on all your devices, make sure that you've set your new LocumDeck calendar to display on all your devices.

Add LocumDeck calendar to each device separately

Login to your LocumDeck on your chosen device

  • Go to your LocumDeck Calendar and click on the blue synchronise icon at the top right of calendar
  • You will be asked if you want to “Subscribe to the calendar”
  • Your subscribed calendar will be named “NASGP - Your name”

If you also want your LocumDeck calendar to show on another device e.g. your tablet or smartphone, you’ll need to log in from that device and repeat the same procedure.

Remove a synchronised calendar

Open up whatever app or calendar it is you're viewing your synchronised information on (Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar etc), or go to the devices system Settings >> calendar/accounts (device-specific), and remove the subscribed calendar.

More LocumDeck FAQs

Behind the scenes, your smartphone, tablet or PC has subscribed to a unique webcal link that enables your device to access your LocumDeck calendar from the cloud. As with any subscribed calendar service, the frequency with which your device is able to do this depends on a few factors e.g.

  • the quality of your wifi/internet or data connection
  • how powered up your device is
  • how often your device is set to fetch your calendar data

If, like many of us, you rely on your device calendar, please check your device’s settings to ensure that it is set to fetch data at a suitable interval.

For iPhones/iPads

  • Go to iPhone/iPad Settings >> Accounts & Passwords
  • Select Fetch new data
  • At the bottom of the screen under Fetch, you will usually find that it is set to “Automatically”, with an explanation that this works ‘only when on power and wi-fi’.
  • If your phone/iPad calendar seems to be taking a long time to sync and/or you are often off wi-fi, then switch it to regular timed Fetch depending on your circumstances e.g. choose Hourly, Every 30 Minutes or Every 15 Minutes.

More LocumDeck FAQs



Such is the variability between devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs), operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android, Apple OS) and calendar apps (Outlook, Google Calendar, Timepage) that a definitive guide to troubleshooting would probably stretch from here to the moon!

But our experience is that and synching issues with your device's calendar can be sorted by deleting the 'Shared Calendar' account from your device, rebooting your device, making a cup of tea, and re-adding again from LocumDeck

e.g. for iPhone

  • Settings >> Passwords & Accounts >> Subscribed Calendars >> Name of Calendar >> Delete Account

For PC/Mac

  • Calendar app >> Accounts >> Subscribed Calendars >> Name of Calendar >> Delete Account (or similar variant there of)

More LocumDeck FAQs

Locumdeck's Bookkeeper updates itself completely automatically from the rich information generated from all the travelling and locum work you do, and also allows you to add other financial data too to cover all your self-employed work. At any time, you can export any data you need, and also generate a smart financial report for your accountant or financial advisor.

Bookkeeper is integrated into LocumDeck - click on the Bookkeeper tab at any time to integrate the pages of information within.


  • Smart session counter to help you work out the number of 4-hour equivalent sessions for indemnity purposes.
  • Number of sessions worked.
  • Total amount earned.
  • Breakdown of employer pension contributions.
  • 'Reimbursed' travel costs as applicable (not part of your pensionable pay).
  • Paid/unpaid status of invoices.
  • PDF copies of all invoices and automatically completed Locum A and B forms.
  • Mileage (automatic)
    • Between home and practice
    • Between practices
    • Individual journey details


  • Cremation fees
  • Medical reports
  • Private work
  • Lecturing
  • Appraisal
  • Work invoiced outside of LocumDeck
  • etc
  • Export reports
    • Fees
    • Earnings (by date worked)
    • Invoices and pension contributions
    • Mileage
  • Mileage (manually added)
    • Visits
    • Other work travel
  • Expenses
    • Subscriptions
    • CPD
    • Admin expenses
    • Travel expenses (other than mileage)
    • etc

So much of Bookkeeper has been made possible from generous feedback from our existing users of LocumDeck and the support of Liz Desnely and her team from Honey Barrett.

LocumDeck allows you to put several months onto one invoice, and will generate one Locum A for all that work. A Locum A form is a certificate of income paid, so it can cover more than one month. And when it comes to keeping a track of your earnings, the Bookkeeper accounts package built into Locumdeck allows you to view your income either by the date you worked or by the month it was paid.

All invoices and their associated Locum As that have been marked as paid in a calendar month will be available for you to add to that month’s Locum B.

  • Go to Invoices >> Locum B
  • Select the month for which you are generating your Locum B.
  • All pensionable invoices that were paid in that month will be displayed.
  • Tick the checkboxes next to each invoice to add their payments to the Locum B - this adds the information from their associated Locum A to the Locum B.
  • Choose between Generate Locum B or Generate e-signed A & B

Generate Locum B

  • If your Locum As are still signed by hand by the practice, then Generate Locum B will populate your Locum B, allowing you to sign the included Locum As by hand and send them on, with Locum B, to your pension agency.

Generate e-signed A&B

  • If some of your Locum As have been e-signed by the practices, then this option will not only generate your Locum B, but process all practice e-signed Locum As too
    • adding your e-signature
    • adding the UPR
    • merging all e-signed Locum As into a single file for easier sending
    • if there are any straggler Locum As that have not been e-signed by the practice, their information will be added to the Locum B, and you’ll be alerted to sign them by hand.

Sara and Richard talk Booking defaults

The importance of travel and breaks, notice periods and your mobile phone number for Instant Book

More LocumDeck FAQs

Richard and Sara chatter on (!) about how they add their session types

More LocumDeck FAQs

See Sara’s 5 minute video guide to adding practices; with tips on linking with practices from the ‘global list’, how to customise each practice’s record.

More LocumDeck FAQs

Linking with a practice on LocumDeck allows the practice to:

  • Synchronise their practice details with those in your address book so you are always up to date
  • Get your invoices with automatic Locum A forms directly, as well as by email
  • E-sign paperless NHS pension forms and return them to you instantly
  • Have a clear record of all your manually booked and confirmed sessions with them
  • If you have chosen to allow them to Instant Book, they will be able to see your live Committed Availability and Instant Book any sessions you authorise for them.

More LocumDeck FAQs

It happens automatically if you add a practice to your address book from the LocumDeck list of practices, or if you manually add a practice to your address book that has details that precisely match a practice already on LocumDeck.

If there is a partial match between details of a practice in your address book with those of a practice on LocumDeck, you are offered the chance to synchronise with a practice.

If you manually add a practice to your address book that is not yet on LocumDeck, they are sent an email letting them know that an anonymised GP locum has added their practice to an address book and informing them what LocumDeck is and what it can do for their practice. And that it's free for practices!

When the practice signs up to LocumDeck, you can then link with them: either automatically if there is a precise match in the information they add about their practice; or, if there is a partial match, you'll be asked by email if you want to link.

More LocumDeck FAQs

  1. In your practice address book, a chain link icon appears against the practice when you're linked.
  2. In a linked practice's record, you'll find that the Work location and Contacts information is read-only as this is synchronised with the practice - the rationale being that the practice should be better able to keep you up to date with any changes in contact details.

More LocumDeck FAQs

A practice you are linked with can only see certain information related to work that you are booking with them. So on their calendar, they can see Confirmed (Green) and Confirmation requested (yellow) sessions. If you have allowed Instant Book, they will also see sessions that you have made available to them. They can click your profile to see your T&Cs and any Credentials you have allowed to be visible to practices. They cannot see any personal or other work commitments in your calendar.

More LocumDeck FAQs

Sara runs through adding your own bookings

More LocumDeck FAQs

Yes. LocumDeck is about allowing you to define your safe working conditions so you have flexibility and control in setting up your own session types and rates, and you can add as many as you need. You are provided with some helpful underpinnings for your session, such as specifying whether it’s on call, whether you’re agreeing to do visits etc, but the rest is up to you.

As well as using the session description to add key information about the session, you have other chances to add notes about your working conditions

  • when manually making your own booking, you can add notes to your confirmation emails.
  • when using the optional Instant Book feature, you get to add your own notes to the practice in your Practice Statement.

More LocumDeck FAQs

  • Click on the session in your calendar.
  • Then click ‘Edit or cancel booking’
  • You will be taken to LocumDeck >> Bookings >> Edit or cancel with the relevant session already selected on the right hand side in Session list
  • Click the red dustbin icon next to the session details. ‘Awaiting cancellation’ will appear in red text.
  • Now you have a choice of two ways of informing the practice, depending on the circumstances of the cancellation.
    • Ask practice to confirm
      • Rewinds the confirmed booking to a booking “Awaiting cancellation” in your calendar and the practice’s calendar and sends you both an email of the proposed cancellation. The practice can click a special link within the email to cancel the booking. Or they can confirm the cancellation within LocumDeck.
    • Manually confirm
      • Immediately removes the booking from your calendar, the practice’s calendar and sends you both a confirmation email of the cancellation.

More LocumDeck FAQs

See our video on how to confirm your own bookings.

More LocumDeck FAQs

Request confirmation allows you to send the practice an automated email that allows them to preview the booking details and either directly accept the details by clicking a link - which automatically confirms the sessions - or reply to you for further discussion. Manually confirm means you are confirming the booking yourself, presumably because you are confident in the booking details via another route.

More LocumDeck FAQs

There is an automatic reminder email sent to you and the practice if the session is not confirmed within 7 days. It is recommended that you consider contacting the practice by another route if the booking remains unconfirmed. Firstly, your usual email contacts (practice manager and optional additional booking contact) may be away from the practice. Or your email addresses for the practice may be incorrect or out of date. This is far less likely if you are linked to the practice on LocumDeck (a linked practice is one you’ve added from NASGP’s growing list of practice members), as one of the benefits of this connection is that you are synchronised with the practice’s contact details. In addition, a linked practice will also be able to see your Confirmation requested (yellow sessions) on their calendar and booking summary, making it less likely that will lose track of your bookings.

More LocumDeck FAQs

Instant Book is about locums being able to pre-define everything about the way they work, and when they can work, and then LocumDeck's algorithms ensure that practices can only book you for the sessions you would have agreed anyway. Hence, practices can book you instantly if what they need exactly matches what you want.

It's exactly the same as what locum chambers do, but without any expensive staff.

It's still relatively new, which is why any locum who starts using it now will get Instant Book free for life. Locum chambers have booked some 500,000 sessions in this way, and we're quite confident it's going to become the established way for locums to get work.

  • You authorise which practices are allowed to see your real-time availability.
  • For each practice you can specify in great detail the type of work you are prepared to carry out with them, at what times and at what rates.
  • You pro-actively plan and add your Availability to your calendar, so you can make considered decisions about your working patterns rather than having to make rushed decisions reactively in response to enquiries.
  • Each of your authorised practices only 'see' the sessions that you allow them to that fit within your Available slots
    • E.g. you make yourself Available in your calendar to work from 8 am to 6 pm. You have a favourite, familiar practice which is 10 min drive from your doorstep so you have authorised them to ‘see’ that they can Instant Book an 8 am to 6pm on call session. In contrast, another practice is 30 minutes drive, you are less familiar with their procedures and don’t like working there in the afternoon as the practice nurse leaves at 2pm. So you limit your Instant Book sessions with them to 9am - 1pm.
  • Practices can see your Credentials and your full Term and Conditions alongside your session availability to inform their booking decision.
  • Once you have set up your pre-agreed Availability and your working conditions in each of your practice, you will be notified by text and email confirmation of Instant Book sessions.

More LocumDeck FAQs

This is a 3 step process - simple to do but with no chance that you will ‘accidentally’ make yourself available where and when you don’t want to be.

  1. Step 1 Booking defaults
    1. Takes place in Settings >> Booking defaults.
      1. If you tick Yes you are interested in Instant Book, you will be asked for extra information about your travel times, breaks, notice periods and your mobile phone number - all needed so that Instant Book can book you in right time and place and notify you of bookings.
  2. Step 2 | Setting what sessions you want to work in each practice
    1. Takes place in Settings >> Practices
      1. Open a practice record where you would like to use Instant Book
      2. Under the Sessions and rates tab, you can select the Session type and add it to the Session list for practice.
      3. Finally click the Instant Book switch to blue
        1. You’ll either get a message telling you Instant Book is now active
        2. Or, if the practice is not yet fully onboard LocumDeck, this will be explained to you.
        3. In both cases the practice is notified that you’ve activated Instant Book for them
      4. Whilst in the practice’s record, check that the Extra duties, charges and pensions and Practice Statement are also just how you want them.
      5. Setting up Instant Book sessions for a practice does not make you visible until you have availability in your calendar.
  3. Step 3 | Show your live committed availability to practice
    1. Add availability by clicking on dates from calendar, or use the menu to navigate to Availability >> Add
      1. The available time periods you create are the outer limits of when you could work. Instant Book will look at each of the Instant Book session types you have created for each individual practice and, if a session start time and duration fits within an availability slot, it will be displayed to your chosen practice as available for booking.

More LocumDeck FAQs

These dots show the Instant Book status of each practice.

  • Grey No Instant Book sessions set up for this practice.
  • Red Waiting for this practice to join LocumDeck.
  • Amber Waiting for the practice to enable Instant Book.
  • Green This practice can Instant Book you.
  • Link Practice information connected to practice.

More LocumDeck FAQs

Only practices that you have individually selected and switched on Instant Book sessions for. Your chosen practices can then ONLY Instant Book sessions that you have specified for Instant Book that fit within Available slots you have added to your calendar. The deal is that if they want the massive convenience of Instant Booking you, they have to accept the terms and pay rates that you specify for them.

More LocumDeck FAQs

That is absolutely fine. You switch on Instant Book at the level of each individual practice, defining at the level of each practice which session/s you are able to work for them. So not only can you select which practices you want to Instant Book you, but also the types and sessions and rates for each practice.

More LocumDeck FAQs

We know what you mean! And Instant Book was designed to give you flexibility and control over your workload in each of your individual practices.
Instant Book is actually switched on by you in each individual practice’s record at the level of a session. So you can totally define every work parameter (e.g. your start time, duration, maximum number of patient contacts, appointment length, on-call status, visits and other duties etc) through a mixture of your own freetext notes and LocumDeck’s Settings.

So each of your authorised practices only 'see' the sessions that you allow them to that fit within your Available slots

  • E.g. you make yourself Available in your calendar to work from 8 am to 6 pm. You have a favourite, familiar practice which is 10 min drive from your doorstep so you have authorised them to ‘see’ that they can Instant Book an 8 am to 6pm on call session. In contrast, another practice is 30 minutes drive, you are less familiar with their procedures and don’t like working there in the afternoon as the practice nurse leaves at 2pm. So you limit your Instant Book sessions with them to 9am - 1pm.

More LocumDeck FAQs

You will be fine. Instant Book was designed for this and gives you flexibility and control.

You get to define the outer limits of when you could work when you add availability to your calendar- think of your Availability as a big container like a bucket, into which you can fit session types of different shapes and sizes. For each individual practice you can then define which types of sessions you want to work, complete with a start time and duration and as many other parameters you want to set (e.g. max number of patient contacts, appointment length etc)

Instant Book works out whether each of these sessions has a start time and duration that fits into your availability slots.

More LocumDeck FAQs

We recommend you watch "Richard and Sara talk Booking defaults".

But two things to bear in mind

  1. LocumDeck uses Google maps to calculate the typical journey time between practices based on likely traffic conditions at the time of day you will be travelling. So, if there is not enough time between finishing a session in practice 1 to travel to a session start time in practice 2, then you will not be visible or bookable by practice 2.
  2. You can also set the maximum journey time duration you are prepared to travel between practices in Booking defaults >> Travel and breaks
    1. Again, using Google maps, LocumDeck calculates the typical journey times taking into account traffic conditions at that time of day and any practice that is beyond the journey duration you have set will not be able to book you.
    2. Top-tip | If you only want to work in one practice a day, just set the travel between practices at 0 minutes and, once you’ve got a booking with a practice for part of that day’s availability, no other practice will be able to book you.

More LocumDeck FAQs

In LocumDeck >> Settings >> T&Cs, you can generate your own personalised T&Cs using NASGP's T&Cs picker. This includes a cancellation policy section.

Your T&Cs are linked to every email that is sent to the practice. What's more, if you are linked with a practice, they can easily access your up-to-date T&Cs via your profile.

More LocumDeck FAQs

We've created a calculator to help you arrive at a ballpark figure taking into account covering your professional and personal running costs.

But in addition to your circumstances, there may be local factors at play which could influence your locum pay environment. If you’re new to an area or new to locuming, how do you work out what rates to charge?

Simply asking around is not option, with anti-competition laws being quite clear about the illegality of discussing rates with fellow GP locums.

Local factors that may affect locum pay

  • Supply of locums - the more locums, the more potential for downward pressure on rates. We hear this from members in the more vibrant towns and cities, perhaps with a local GP training scheme that then attracts and retains lots of GPs to start out as locums.
  • Presence of a dominant practice-facing online platform or agency. We hear from members that having one of these in your area can sometimes skew the pay and conditions of local independent locums in a downwards direction.

So how can LocumDeck’s Instant Book help?

With Instant Book, the whole point is that you carefully pre-define your booking parameters for each practice, including the pay rate, in advance, and then publish your terms and availability and wait for bookings. So you can make calculated judgements about the pay you would like to receive and use Instant Book to do the talking for you. Bear in mind too that the Instant Book process itself will add to your ‘value’, as practices are being offered a speedy, transparent way of booking a GP - a task that might otherwise cost them significant workload and resources.

Here’s how you can use Instant Book to experiment with your rates

  • Add a local practice to your LocumDeck address book where you haven't recently worked.
  • Set a sessional/hourly rate for that practice at the level that you'd like to be booked at.
  • Activate that practice for Instant Book.
  • Add 'Committed Availability' to your LocumDeck calendar as far in advance as possible.
  • As and when practices Instant Book you, you’ll soon be able to use your judgement if your rates are too high or two low, and you’ll be able to adjust your rates accordingly.

If you run this experiment for a range of practices and add availability over a range of periods in advance, you’ll soon start to build a picture of the local factors that may affect your rate decisions.

Our experience of using Instant Book is that once practices have used it, they return to it as their favoured booking method, further cementing its value to them. It is a win-win tool - locums have more control over their work and pay, whilst the practice saves significant resources in finding and directly booking locums.

Optimise your settings to maximise your bookings

You will always be able to edit a practice's details that you've entered manually - just clock on the practice's information in your practice address and start typing.

But once a practice signs up, or if you've added ('linked') a practice from the national list already on LocumDeck, the practice has control over the parts of their record that they have responsibility for, and these will be un-editable by you. So in order to update this information, you'll need to contact the practice direct.

This email might help:

Dear [colleague],

I believe the contact details for your practice on LocumDeck may be out of date, and as this record is owned and controlled by your practice, only you have control over that information.

Please log into LocumDeck here www.locumdeck.org.uk

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If you have received an email entitled "One or more new Instant Book sessions on LocumDeck", it is because a locum has some spare time in their calendar and has predefined all their settings in LocumDeck so that, should you need a locum on the dates/times they're available for, you can book them instantly for any of those sessions.

This was an email generated by the locum GP adding their availability, not by the practice. The locum has 'committed' to this availability, and LocumDeck's algorithms ensure that these sessions can't be double-booked (once you add a session to your booking list, we block other practices from booking it for up to 60 minutes). Once booked, because the session is all pre-defined in advance, the session is also instantly confirmed.

These dates/times will show as RED in the practice's LocumDeck calendar. If you were to book one of these RED sessions, they would go GREEN.

These red sessions are bookable availability, they are not in response to any availability that you've requested. Other practices can also see these bookable sessions, and will also be able to book them instantly if they wish.

As other practices book those sessions, they will disappear from your calendar.

If there aren't any RED sessions in your calendar, you can put out a request to nearby NASGP GP locums by clicking on any dates in your calendar and entering the dates and times. This is simply a prompt or nudge for the locum to add bookable availability from their end so that the practice manager can then Instant Book them.

As you'd expect from NASGP, our values are to support direct relationships between GP locums and practices. So LocumDeck phase 1 was built with this as our priority. But we fully recognise that many members have portfolio careers and carry out valuable GP work in organisations other than practices and we hear from members who want to be able to schedule work and track their financial data without using the confirmation, Instant Book or invoicing functions of LocumDeck. The good news is that as more members use LocumDeck, it gives us more feedback and more means to improve LocumDeck and build in this flexibility.

Meanwhile, here's how to schedule your non-LocumDeck work so that all your earnings data is captured in Bookkeeper and, if you're pensioning the work, for your Form Bs.

  1. Add the practice or organisation to your address book. If the practice isn't already on LocumDeck, you can add it manually to your LocumDeck address book. If you don't want the practice/organisation to get a notification telling them that you've manually added them to LocumDeck, simply use your email address in place of theirs.
  2. Add your sessions worked at that practice or organisation to your LocumDeck calendar so that the financial data is added to your LocumDeck financial tracking data in Bookkeeper.
  3. Once the date of the session has passed
    • if you are not claiming NHS pension for the work, you can simply leave the sessions as "ready for invoice" on the calendar - this means the fee will be picked up in Bookkeeper and included in your earnings by "Date worked". This may also help with your mileage too if you are able to add the relevant address and postcode to each work assignment.
    • if you are claiming NHS pension for the work, you can then pass these earnings through LocumDeck without triggering any notifications to the organisation by creating an invoice and using the green SAVE button. This will generate a Form A and its relevant data all ready for Form B, and all your Bookkeeper data is updated too.

Coming soon | Improved flexibility for scheduling and financially tracking non-LocumDeck work

LocumDeck adds your signature to all Form As that have been e-signed by the practices at the point that you request LocumDeck to generate your e-signed Form B. At the same time, all your pension forms are stamped with the UPR and all e-signed Form As are merged into one file for easier sending.

Form A is your claim to the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) to pension work performed at a specific practice for that month, so your signature to authenticate your claim needs to be added to Form A before you submit it to NHSBSA. It is not necessary for your signature to be on Form A before you send it to the practice.

Verified NHS email accounts?

As we only add signatures to Form A after they've been signed by the practice manager, and as the practice manager can only have a LocumDeck account if they have verified their NHS email address, and they've by then also had the pleasure of you working at their practice and having access to your credentials, PCSE are perfectly happy that by the time the Form As get back to you for signing via LocumDeck that the form has been through at least one verified NHS email account as well as several other opportunities for you to be identified as a bone fide GP.

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It is completely free for practices to advertise an unlimited number of salaried, partnership and locum jobs on the NASGP website.

  1. Sign in to NASGP's Practeus as a practice manager (NASGP membership is free for practice managers).
  2. Add, edit or delete as many partnership or salaried posts in your job widget - these will be displayed to 4,000+ NASGP members across the UK.
  3. To add locum sessions, select 'LocumDeck' from your Practeus dashboard - add as many start/finish times on any dates you need, and NASGP members in your local area will be informed immediately.

Yes. We call this facility Instant Book. In a nutshell, you pre-define which practices you want to work in, tailor the sessions and rates you want to work at the level of each practice and then switch them on for Instant Book. Then, whenever you have 'Availability 'in your calendar, the practices you choose will see the session and rates you have set for them that fit within when you’re available.

You can use Instant Book alongside arranging work the traditional, reactive way of responding to booking enquiries and then manually adding it to your calendar.

There is more detail in the Instant Book section of the Help area if you need it.

More LocumDeck FAQs

E-signing works when you are linked with a practice. Certain information relating to your bookings and invoices are shared with them, including instant sharing of your invoices and any Locum Form As. In return, the linked practice can e-sign your Form A and confirm they have sent payment in a couple of clicks, and this is instantly shared on your Invoice>>History.

It’s all designed with on-board help to make it as easy and straightforward as possible, but here it is broken down into steps.

  1. Add your electronic signature
    1. Go to your LocumDeck >> Settings >> Payments & pensions to add your electronic signature.
    2. You can recreate your signature using mouse, or some find it easier to use a tablet or smartphone and signing with your finger or a stylus.
  2. Send your invoice and Locum A form in the usual way
    1. No signature is added at this stage as this is not needed when you send your Form A to the practice.
  3. E-sign by practice
    1. The practice gets an email notification of your invoice and are told that if they login to LocumDeck they can e-sign your Form A.
    2. The practice manager is led through setting up their electronic signature. They only have to do this once, and then for each subsequent Form A, they are asked to certify your work and pensionable pay, add the GP you were covering for and the date and method of payment.
  4. Notification of e-signing and payment
    1. Once the practice has approved and signed your Form A, you are informed by email. XX practice has signed your Form A form
    2. In your Invoices >> History, the invoice status will be Payment sent, and the e-signed Form A will appear in your Form A column in green and labelled as e-signed by practice.
  5. Mark as paid and approve A form
    1. When you are confident payment from the practice has arrived, you can mark it as paid - either from the Mark as paid page or from the Invoice History page using the slide down to reach the Mark as paid button
  6. Ready for Locum B
    1. The A form is now labelled as Ready for Locum B
  7. Generating e-signed A&B
    1. Go to Locum B,
    2. select the month - this will summon all the invoices and related A forms that were marked as paid during that month.
    3. The e-signed A forms will be labelled as e-signed by practice
    4. Select all the invoices and Form As to be included on the month’s B form
    5. Click Generate e-signed A&B
      1. Your e-signature is added to all the Form As that have been e-signed by practices
      2. All e-signed As are merged into one file for easier sending to your relevant pension agency
      3. All A forms and the B form are stamped with the Unique Identifying Reference UIR, necessary for processing of your pension forms and payment by the pension authorities.
      4. You are alerted if any of your Form As were not e-signed by the practice. These will need to be have your signature added by other means e.g. printed and hand-signed. But the on-screen messages reassure you that these manual A forms are still included in your B form calculations
  8. Send your completed Locum A & B forms
    1. Your now fully e-signed A forms are available in Your Locum B forms tracker in a single downloadable file shown as green A form icon next to the relevant Form B.

The practice name that appears on your Locum Form B and the EA code is taken from inside the practice’s record, under the Contacts tab (highlighted in red on the screenshot).

This is manually added by you if it is a manually added practice that you are yet to link with, or by the practice manager if it is a linked, synced practice.

So if the B form practice details are blank, it means either you and or the linked practice have not added the name and EA code.

The reason the practice name and EA code are added separately is there is limited space on the B form for the practice name, only 25 characters. Often abbreviated names are therefore needed to prevent the B form becoming illegible.

If the practice details are blank, you can remedy this by immediately reversing the B form (red cross next to the B form in Your Locum B forms tracker).

  • If it affects your own local copy of an unlinked practice, you will then be able to go into the practice record and add the details yourself.
  • If it is a linked practice, the practice will have control of this information. Please contact them to add their abbreviated name. Or get in touch and we can help the practice amend the details.

LocumDeck does not have a "pension included" button as we believe that enabling practices to set "pension inclusive" rates has a pernicious, negative impact on the NHS pension rights of GP locums.

NASGP has received reports from many colleagues that "pension-inclusive" rates can enable practices to lower the fee paid to locums who are claiming pension compared to those who are not claiming pension.

In our view, this is a dubious practice and arguably breaches the practice's legal obligation to pay the employer's pension contribution in addition to the locum's fee, without lowering the locums fee solely for the purposes of avoiding pension payments.

So NASGP believe it is far more transparent to clearly separate out the session fee and employer contribution elements so that it is clear to all parties that a pensioning locum is accepting a lower fee in comparison to a non-pensioning locum.

Still need a pension-inclusive rate?

But there are still going to situations where, despite all of this, a figure for a pension-inclusive rate is needed.

In which case, if you divide your rate by 1.12942, you'll arrive at the exact pension inclusive rate, which you can then round to two decimal places.

  • NB if you round to 1.12942 to 1.13 or even 1.129, you can get a wrong final figure e.g. for £1,000
  • £1,000/1.13 = £884.96
  • £1,000/1.129 = £885.73
  • £1,000/1.12942 = £845.41

If the Availability has not been booked you can remove or change your bookable availability whenever you like. Obviously this is very different once a confirmed booking has been made. A booking made by Instant Book on LocumDeck is a confirmed booking and, like any other booking made by other means, doctors should carefully consider whether cancelling confirmed work is appropriate.

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