Vulnerable locums worst off with practice employer contributions

24th May 2014 by NASGP

This year’s LMC conference in York included a 20-minute slot for specific sessional GP issues, where the issue of practices having to pay the employer’s NHS superannuation was debated. The picture across the country has been quite mixed. Whilst many practices have accepted the position and have paying the contribution, other unscrupulous practices have either been refusing to pay, of have negotiated the locum’s underlying fee down to cover their shortfall. In other cases, locums are also being persuaded by online locum booking services to dispense with NHS superannuation altogether and set themselves up as a limited company. Locum chambers have on the whole managed to completely avoid any of these problems through the ability to combine resources, but newly qualified GPs especially seem to be taking the brunt of hard-nosed practices.


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