Updated 2014 superannuation FormA/B spreadsheet

5th June 2014 by NASGP

Medics are trained to care for patients, and so have little or no experience with spreadsheets. Which is why organising it can be so stressful for GP locums to organise their superannuation payments every month!! So, thanks to Pallant Medical Chambers, we’re able to offer you this free downloadable spreadsheet – updated for 2014 – to help make life just that less stressful.

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"The NASGP and the GP locum chambers that I'm in have provided invaluable assistance both before and through Covid-19 to me as a full-time GP locum. All aspects of locum work have been made easier as a result of membership and the chamber's support structure - from accessing work, to ensuring invoicing and documentation is all sorted, and access to other locums as peer support. Having a chamber manager means I feel more secure and can devote more of my energy on my clinical work."

Dr Richard Smith

Dr Richard Smith

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