Shake up to childcare funding to benefit GP locums

12th December 2017 by NASGP

Shake up to childcare funding to benefit GP locums

The government has announced that it’s doubling free childcare to 30 hours a week and introducing Tax-Free Childcare, which – for the first time – is available to self-employed parents including GPs working as locums, and all qualifying working parents regardless of their employer.

The scheme was first rolled out in April this year, and from 24 November 2017, the service opened up to parents whose youngest child is under 6, or who had their 6th birthday on that day. Parents can apply online through the childcare service which can be accessed via the Childcare Choices website.

NASGP member Hannah Casey is a GP locum in Essex with three children under five years old, and said “This will definitely help us. Our twin boys are due to go to nursery next September, and since we currently use childcare vouchers, the greater benefit now of £2,000 per child instead of £900 with the vouchers will definitely help.”

James Cuthbertson, an NASGP member from Cheshire with two young children, said “I will be taking advantage of the 30 hours free childcare from next September. It will probably mean I do more hours during the week and keep my out-of-hours work roughly the same. Financially it will be a massive help.”

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