Pressure mounts to sort out Capita chaos

28th November 2018 by NASGP

Pressure mounts to sort out Capita chaos

Short version: please consider submitting a Subject Access Request to NHSE using the form below!

Campaign group GP Survival is working with NASGP to get action on Capita/NHSE’s abject mishandling of our pensions contributions.

The background is that NHSE signed the handling of pensions contributions over to Capita about five years ago, against the advice of pretty much everyone who questioned the wisdom of doing that with an organisation with an unblemished record of public sector failure. Since then, to no one’s surprise, Capita have lost an unspecified amount of money thought to run to hundreds of millions (they won’t say), and NHSE have taken the following approach to the problem they’ve created:

  1. Wait for individual doctors to obtain their data from NHSE, generally through the SAR process I’ve been coordinating.
  2. Wait for an individual doctor to identify errors in that data, by going back through years of their own records and meticulously cross-checking NHSE’s data against their own.
  3. Wait for them to notify NHSE of the errors.
  4. Once notified of the errors, invite them to resubmit all the paperwork which NHSE have lost.

This is a problem which disproportionately affects sessional GPs because we have more individual pensions contributions each month, and this campaign with GP Survival seeks to keep the pressure on them through the submission of individual Subject Access Requests.

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