Type 2 pension form deadline extended by one month

16th February 2024 by NASGP

Type 2 pension form deadline extended by one month

GPs have until 31 March to complete Type 2 pension forms this year, rather than the usual 28 February deadline, Pulse reports.

PCSE has granted the extension following the changes to pensions from 1 October 2023.

Changes mean that this year, GPs will need to annualise two separate periods for the 2022/23 year: 1 April-30 September 2022, and 1 October 2022-31 March 2022.

The changes announced last year included a new six-tier system that will see GPs earning from £13,247-£17,673 pay 6.5% member contributions from April onwards.

GPs earning under £13,246 pensionable income will also find their contributions rising, in their case from 5.1% to 5.2%.

Contributions are now calculated based on actual pensionable pay.

Many GPs remain disillusioned by the higher rates, rolled out during a cost of living crisis, as well as the ongoing failures by PCSE’s service.

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, GP and NASGP chair, said: “As if we didn’t already have enough to do, the annual Type 2 pension form fiasco is the punishment (for some crime we haven’t committed), that keeps on punishing. And this year, there’s an extra bonus punishment.

“Although this is a welcome extra month, it doesn’t mitigate the fact that GPs have spent too many hours navigating the not-fit-for-purpose PCSE pensions system already this year.

“I think we’d hope that the new six-tier system would create an opportunity for PCSE to reform a system that GPs have long called to be replaced, so all we can do is hope it’s on their to-do list for next year.”

"The NASGP and the GP locum chambers that I'm in have provided invaluable assistance both before and through Covid-19 to me as a full-time GP locum. All aspects of locum work have been made easier as a result of membership and the chamber's support structure - from accessing work, to ensuring invoicing and documentation is all sorted, and access to other locums as peer support. Having a chamber manager means I feel more secure and can devote more of my energy on my clinical work."

Dr Richard Smith, GP, Suffolk

Dr Richard Smith, GP, Suffolk

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