GPs’ deadline for Type 2 certificates looms

24th February 2023 by NASGP

GPs’ deadline for Type 2 certificates looms

GPs’ deadline for submitting 2021/22 Type 2 End of Year certificates for NHS Pensions falls on Tuesday 28 February 2023, authors at PCSE have warned.

GPs who do ‘SOLO’ work must complete a Type 2 form, PCSE advised, but GPs who do ‘locum work only’ are exempt, the service adds.

The service ran a recent webinar to support GPs facing Type 2 paperwork, as well as a step by step guide.

Despite these efforts GP locums have repeatedly sought help from NASGP to complete this essential pensions paperwork.

From being unable to select a financial year to being instructed to complete a hard copy submission, many have struggled.

Specialist IFA Kirsty McGaun has warned that GPs face a number of hurdles to protecting their income as the end of the tax year 2021/22 approaches, including a rush to expense essential items, annualisation headaches and changes to exemption from Capital Gains Tax.

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, NASGP chair, said: “The Type 2 End of Year certificate saga is about as much fun as having emergency root canal surgery, but with none of the excitement. If ever one wanted to give an example of ego depletion, the process of completing one of these forms ticks all the boxes. My bet is that sometime over the next five years, The Guardian will have exposed that this is all a cynical conspiracy to put GPs off working in salaried posts.

“It’s almost impossible to have any confidence in a pension scheme that relies so heavily on its contributors having to work so hard, to point out so many bugs and glitches, to have so many complaints from its members not being able to access annual statements year on year.

“There comes a point where those overseeing the scheme need to stop papering over its many gaps, and instead completely redesign the way it’s handled.

“In the meantime NASGP will continue to provide members with advice and support via trusted specialist partners, Legal & Medical and AISMA.”

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