New tier 2019 2020 annualisation calculator for 2015 NHS Pension Scheme

5th September 2019 by NASGP

New tier 2019 2020 annualisation calculator for 2015 NHS Pension Scheme

NHS Pensions have released a new calculator to help GP 2015 Scheme GPs in England and Wales calculate which they should be on throughout the 2019/20 period.

However, the new spreadsheet however comes with conflicting advice that “…2015 Scheme GPs use the calculator during the year in addition to at year end which will reduce the risk of under or over paying contributions.”

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We have asked for clarification on this since, for locums, the advice on the current Form B is “The tiered rate box you tick must remain consistent in all the pension forms you complete from April to March and must correlate with box b at Part 2. If, at year end, it is found that the rate was too low you will have to pay arrears based on the correct tiered rate. If the rate was too high you will be due a refund. If you have relocated during the year you must contact the relevant bodies regarding arrears.”

We’ll update this article as soon as we’ve had clarification.

2015 Scheme GP tiered contributions: Annualisation calculator for year 2019/20 (Excel:347KB)

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