LocumDeck has gone paperless with NHS pension forms

16th March 2018 by NASGP

LocumDeck has gone paperless with NHS pension forms

LocumDeck’s NHS pension forms now have a paperless option, so with the new tax year about to begin, now would be the perfect time to start using its many features. LocumDeck comes as part of NASGP membership.

  • Practice managers can e-rubberstamp your automagically generated Locum A within seconds of you sending it.
  • Add their e-signature.
  • And change your invoice status to Payment sent.

You then get a notification, and can Mark as paid as soon as it’s in your bank account, at the same time approving that the Locum A has been correctly completed and e-signed by the practice.

When you go to generate your e-signed Locum A & B

  • Your e-signature is added to all your cleared Locum As.
  • Your UIR added to all necessary forms.
  • And a batch PDF is generated, merging all your e-signed Locum A forms, in one single file for easy sending to your relevant pension agency.

If you have any straggling Locum A forms signed by one of those pen things, and their invoices are marked as paid, all that data is added to Locum B too.

If you own a Mont Blanc, or just a plain old bic biro, you may still want to sign them the old way, and that’s entirely up to you. Each to their own.

And of course, PDF copies of everything are all stored for you online, and clever Bookkeeper is ticking away busily in the background breaking down all of your payment data – and much more – into smart reports for your lovely accountant.

If you’d like to benefit from e-signing, the first step is practices e-signing Locum A from their end. E-signing information for practices has been added to your invoices and early indicators are that they love the speed and simplicity of it. And of course, it is totally free for your practices to securely sign up to LocumDeck.

"I started working as a locum GP in January this year and NASGP have been invaluable in helping to co-ordinate my bookings and organise all the administrative aspects of sessional work which can be complex and time consuming. Their client support is outstanding and they have always resolved any queries promptly and personally. They care about the service they provide and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any sessional GPs who want to minimise time spent on administration and focus on providing patients with high quality care."

Dr Paul Riley, GP

Dr Paul Riley, GP

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