Some 3,2000 GPs hit by locum bank’s ‘potential data breach’

16th June 2023 by NASGP

Some 3,2000 GPs hit by locum bank’s ‘potential data breach’

GPs’ personal data was available online in a ‘potential data breach’, Pulse reports.

A version of Lantum’s old website, Network Locum, became accessible, users were told. 

It is possible that some bank details may have been exposed via invoices, Pulse understands. 

A spokesperson for Lantum told Pulse: ‘While this data may have been accessible to unauthorised individuals, there is currently no indication that data has in fact been accessed and no reason to suspect that this is the case. 

‘We are, however, treating this matter as a potential data breach and will continue to liaise with any individuals who may be affected should more information be revealed by our investigations.’

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, NASGP chair, wrote: “Although the company has not detected any unauthorised access to the data, absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence. We advise any current NASGP members who registered with Lantum or NetworkLocum up to nine years ago to follow all the advice Lantum provides in order to reduce the risks associated with this type of data exposure. 

“I am glad to see too that since 2017, Lantum’s user data has been kept safe in industry-standard data centres, which should significantly reduce the risk of this happening again.”

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