Last-minute respite for GPs struggling to comprehend and complete Type 2 forms

27th February 2018 by NASGP

Last-minute respite for GPs struggling to comprehend and complete Type 2 forms

27 February 2018 14.40pm

With less than 24 hours before the 28 February 2018 deadline to submit Type 2 self-assessment forms, the BMA says they have at last received confirmation from NHS pensions that no punitive measures will be applied to Type 2 GPs who do not submit their Type 2 forms by tomorrow’s deadline.

This announcement was issued on twitter by BMA Sessional GP Subcommittee Deputy Chair, Krishan Aggarwal, who has confirmed that BMA members will be emailed about this later today.

This is an unfolding situation, and at this moment there are no further details on how this will be more widely applied.

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"I fell into a salaried role post-CCT, so faced with an unexpected relocation to a completely new area of the country the thought of GP locuming was incredibly daunting.

The assistance I have received from NASGP has been invaluable. I have received excellent and patient admin support when setting up my LocumDeck account. I have enjoyed the monthly chambers meetings I have attended: this made locuming feel far less isolating.

I have easily found plentiful work and am grateful for the invoicing and pension forms being taken care of – this gives me time to focus on the clinical work or make the most of precious days off.

With the support of NASGP Locum Chambers I have filled my diary working in a variety of practices in my new area, and have now joined one practice I enjoyed locuming at on a salaried basis while I continue to do some locum work on top using LocumDeck."

Dr Joanne Wright, GP, Essex

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