GP locums entitled to NHS pension annualisation correction

6th March 2018 by NASGP

GP locums entitled to NHS pension annualisation correction

If you worked as a GP locum in the same practice for more than six months during 2016/17, ended up pensioning your work as a Type 2 practitioner, and then falling foul of the annualisation fiasco, you may now be entitled to have these contributions reviewed and corrected.

In a carefully worded statement, the NHSBSA outlines the need to have your actual pension record updated by your Employing Authority:

If with hindsight you would not have been affected by annualisation and have paid a lower tiered rate of employee contributions if classed as a freelance GP locum you will be entitled to a (sic) have these contributions retrospectively reviewed once your pension record has been updated by your Employing Authority and any under/over payment of contributions will be corrected.

In this case, your Employing Authority will be the one linked to the practice where you were locuming longterm.

Once your record is updated, get in touch with NHS Pensions to request your review (your Total Reward Statement is only updated on an annual basis and therefore doesn’t show real time updates).

Further advice to NASGP from NHSBSA

If the GP has now decided to be regarded as a freelance GP Locum going forward rather than a Type 2 practitioner they must submit the GP Locum A & B to PCSE/LHB to pension this work and be removed from the practice estimate that is submitted to PCSE.

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