Financial advice

Mortgage tips for 
GP locums

Despite the weirdness that is Brexit, the traditional increase in the number of new mortgage applications in springtime continues. There are plenty of decent rates out there, particularly fixed rates. But what if you are a locum? It may be great to have the flexibility and autonomy of working patterns, but if it stops you…
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Five financial tips 
for GP locums

Being a locum has many advantages: greater flexibility, autonomy and variety. But there are some disadvantages too: peaks and troughs in income, difficulties with getting a mortgage and uncertainty about your financial situation if you fall ill or die, to name just a few. Modern life can compound matters too. A recent report has found…
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Will you get your death in service benefit?

Locums are becoming a vital part of increasingly pressurised general practices, yet the NHS benefits they’re entitled to are not always as fair as they could potentially be. While locums can contribute to the NHS pension scheme, one critical benefit is not always available: death in service. What is a GP locum worth to the…
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New childcare fund now 
open to GP locums

A whole new tax free childcare funding scheme was launched on 21st April 2017. Initially it was available for children under four, with other ages being added during the remainder of 2017. Under 6s were added from 24th November. The upper age of children included will eventually be 11, and 16 for disabled children (paid…
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The worth of NHS pensions

I have often heard people say it’s not worth being in the NHS pension scheme. Despite the changes, for 99% of people this is just not true and I would love to be a member of either the 1995, 2008 or 2015 pension scheme. There are fantastic scheme guides on the NHS website and I…
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Paid sick leave for locum GPs

Being self-employed doesn't mean you have to suffer financially if you're off sick. You will have seen the interesting article by Kevin Walker of Blackett Walker in which Kevin considered the pros and cons of Permanent Health Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance. He took you through the use of these forms of insurance when you…
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What is a GP locum worth to the NHS?

A little known loophole in the NHSPS ‘Death in Service’ benefit regulations for GP locum members has been thrust into the spotlight by a bereaved family’s ongoing fight to secure the lump sum it believes is due to it. Helen Sanderson, a Merseyside GP locum, died suddenly on Christmas Eve 2014. She was just 40…
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