Money Matters

Returning from maternity leave

It's tricky enough returning back to clinical sessions, so it's good to get your tax in order first. Last month’s article was on new mothers and the financial aspects of maternity to consider, so I thought it would be appropriate to consider the return from leave this time. As our client manager, Amy James ACA,…
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Parental benefits

The New Year seems an appropriate time to think about new babies, so here we consider some money matters you might need to think about. Statutory maternity pay v maternity allowance Eligibility for statutory maternity pay (SMP): Earning at least £118 a week Give appropriate notice to employer with proof of pregnancy Have worked for…
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until i’m 67

Many of us are looking down the barrel of our ‘normal retirement age’ being 67. A chilling thought. One that drops to freezing when you think about how you’re going to finance the gap between when you want to retire and when you can actually afford to retire. With the seemingly ever-reducing lifetime and annual…
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Planning for
 university fees

Are university fees looming in your household? Maybe your teenager is already collecting their belongings together ready to start their next chapter in life as a student. Even if your ‘mini-me’ has only just chosen their GCSE subjects, no doubt university fees will be something you ponder with some fear and trepidation. With maximum tuition…
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Tax FAQs for salaried GPs and GP locums

Let’s have a look at a selection of questions we’ve been asked in the last few weeks: Can you send me proof of earnings for my mortgage? Simple question, not necessarily a simple answer! If we have prepared your tax return for at least the last three years, we can produce a copy of the…
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Mortgage tips for 
GP locums

Despite the weirdness that is Brexit, the traditional increase in the number of new mortgage applications in springtime continues. There are plenty of decent rates out there, particularly fixed rates. But what if you are a locum? It may be great to have the flexibility and autonomy of working patterns, but if it stops you…
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State-backed indemnity – 
what it means for sessional GPs

There's still some uncertainty about the new state-backed indemnity scheme for England and Wales, and Rachel Birch from the MPS has the answers. What is state-backed indemnity? The state-backed scheme will provide GPs with indemnity for clinical negligence claims, arising from work undertaken under NHS-contracted primary medical services. This will be a similar arrangement to…
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Confused by Type-2 Self-Assessment forms?

With the deadline for completion of Type 2 certificates by the end of February, we thought we’d cover some of the questions we’ve been asked recently. Why do we have to fill in a form? The intention of the certificate is to check that the right tier rate has been applied and to provide a…
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