molluscumUntil now, the best treatment was to do nothing, but could a new drug, MolluDab, offer a cure? This DTB article reviews the evidence (DTB 2014;52(10):110).

MolluDab is 5% potassium hydroxide solution applied twice daily with a dabber. An inflammatory response should occur after 4-6d with lesions disappearing over the next 1-5w. It is available over the counter (OTC) and on prescription (except in Scotland). The RRP is £24.30 for 2ml! The main side effect is stinging/burning, with redness, itching, pain, ulceration, crusting and hyperpigmentation also reported.

The two main trials were tiny (<30 patients). The DTB review concluded there was no convincing effect and do not recommend prescribing it.

So, are there any other options? Well, unfortunately not. A Cochrane review showed no benefits from available treatments (Cochrane 2009, CD004767). Looks like we should just continue to leave alone then!

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