This is simplifying the rules because people were finding it hard to follow. It contains a good leaflet that can be printed out for patients and a flow-chart for us to use. The product leaflets will be amended soon to follow this advice. This advice doesn’t apply to Qlaira / patches / rings. Use the product info for these.


  • 1 missed pill is OK (if they have taken all other pills correctly) – 2 or more isn’t.

If 2 or more pills have been missed – take the last missed pill and use condoms for 7d. Then:

  • If they have missed ≥ 2 in the first week, if UPSI has occurred in the PFI or 1st week, use emergency contraception (EC).
  • If they have missed ≥ 2 in the middle week, no EC needed.
  • If they have missed ≥ 2 in the last week, skip the PFI.

Remember (my advice…) that if 7 pills in a row have taken, this will suppress ovulation for a further 7 days. The above advice is based on this theory and it can help you decide if EC is needed.

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  1. Alan Sim
    Thanks Louise. I never did get my head round the new rules and this makes it much easier to remember.

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