GP appraisals restart next month, RCGP warns

11th September 2020 by NASGP

GP appraisals restart next month, RCGP warns

We know you’ve missed them, but don’t worry! Appraisals are back next month. 

Prof Martin Marshall, chair of the RCGP, reported last Thursday that appraisals were due back for GPs in England from October, according to NHS England. GPs in Scotland and Wales have already been informed. 

In a message to members, Prof Marshall empathised with UK GPs who, after being battered by COVID-19, face ‘a long and difficult winter’. 

But, he indicated, ‘positive signs’ suggested that this year GPs will benefit from ‘significant reductions in the pre-appraisal documentation required’.

Specifically, Prof Marshall detailed, there will be ‘a considerable reduction in pre-appraisal documentation – verbal reflection facilitated by the appraiser will carry the same weight as written reflection provided beforehand in the previous process’. 

“We’ve been told it will take 30-40 minutes to complete your focused written preparation,” he added. 

For those facing revalidation this year, Prof Marshall reported that the GMC has already confirmed that an appraisal conducted under the 2020 process will count as a full medical appraisal for revalidation.

The NASGP has already AoMRC’s helpful pdf guide into a Google Doc and Word template.

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, NASGP chair, commented: “Perhaps the one small reprieve from this pandemic, apart from perhaps the fact that many of us are all a little bit better at baking, had been the temporary reprieve from NHS appraisal. But unlike many of us, it’s now a much slimmer version of itself. 

“I very much welcome its move to being more about support, especially with many GP locums having had even less contact with colleagues that usual over this time.

“We hope the RCGP will swing into action to ensure we collect data on this new format to give us the evidence we need to show that we won’t need to return to the previous increasingly bloated version of appraisal.”

You can read Prof Marshall’s message in full on

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