NASGP joins CQC steering group

12th November 2020 by NASGP

NASGP joins CQC steering group

The NASGP has joined a new General Practice Reference Group at the CQC. 

The NASGP is a key representative of the profession and works closely in partnership to deliver effective primary care.

NHS England has previously highlighted the NASGP’s Spip resource and Appraisal Aid as resources that improve coordination between practices and the GP locums they employ.

Resources for complaints, significant events and feedback were also referenced. 

‘Safe environments’

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, NASGP chair, said: “With up to 25% of the GP workforce working as locums, with some working in up to 40 different practices a year, sessional GPs play a key role in the quality and performance of the practices in which they work. In particular, when locums work as a team in Chambers, they are also empowered to take a systems-based approach to support practice improvement.

We are very keen to work with the CQC to make sure the knowledge skills and wisdom of our members can be utilised to create safe and effective clinical working environments for all GPs.”

The CQC has itself published useful resources by Prof Nigel Sparrow on better use of locums in practices in the series, Nigel’s Surgery.

The CQC hopes that the reference group will develop a regulatory approach that is proportionate, effective and reflects the needs of the public, people who use services, providers, professionals and other stakeholders.

"I must tell you that you have a brilliant team. I find it so convenient to ask for help and it's always tailored to my needs. Thanks a bunch :)"

Dr Aamina Khan

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