Seek help from MPs to raise pay, retain salaried GPs, BMA urges

14th May 2021 by NASGP

Seek help from MPs to raise pay, retain salaried GPs, BMA urges

Local MPs can help fight the GP workforce slippage by calling for better GP salaries, the BMA told doctors this week.

The BMA’s ‘Fairness for the Frontline’ campaign asks doctors and members of the public to ask their local MP to address the below-inflationary pay rise facing salaried GPs.

The BMA’s research shows that the pandemic has left 42% of salaried GPs with feelings of depression, anxiety, and burnout and 63% of salaried GPs say their levels of fatigue are higher than normal.

BMA leaders agree all salaried GPs, regardless of their contractual arrangements, should receive a significant pay award that is much higher than RPI.

Their online form sends an automatic message to petitioners’ MPs to support the campaign.

Many responses on social media highlighted the fact that it has become increasingly difficult for patients to access GP appointments.

GPs are seeing around 20% more patients than they did pre-Covid-19. GPs have provided around three-quarters of the UK’s 53 million vaccination appointments.

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, NASGP chair, said: “Salaried GP pay has decreased 25% over the last decade which, even in the best of times, is a significant fall and huge disincentive to be retained as a salaried GP.

“With increasing demand, the profession has seen GP workload spike to a level that has never before been seen in general practice. There has never been a more appropriate time to rebalance salaried pay.

“With GPs (not helped by some aggressive media campaigns) still struggling to offer face-to-face appointments, the public may not be with us at this immediate point in time. But the long-term benefits of a fair pay rise are unquestionable in the depths of a workforce recruitment and retention crisis.”

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