Competition law ‘change’ won’t impact locums, NASGP warns

7th January 2022 by NASGP

Competition law ‘change’ won’t impact locums, NASGP warns

A relaxation of advice around discussing rates needs more clarity, the NASGP warns GP locums.

In a BMA email seen by NASGP, sent by the BMA Sessional GPs subcommittee on 21 Dec, authors advised members: “Locum GPs in all four nations of the UK can share with colleagues and peers the rate per session that they charge an existing employer, such as a practice or OOH provider.

“The position is clear that the sharing of information is not in breach of UK competition law.”

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, NASGP chair, said: “The difficulty of not being able to discuss rates with colleagues has always been controversial with GP locums, so it’s really helpful that the BMA has begun to address this.

“So far, their advice has only been published in an email to members, and not yet online where it can be referenced. The website still states ‘…you cannot share [prices] with other [locums] that might reduce competition between you…’

“Once the BMA persuades the government to change its official advice, which would then also enable different practices to discuss rates too, GP locums will feel less exposed in having these conversations.”

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