A third of locums say work is increasing, BMA reports

12th March 2021 by NASGP

A third of locums say work is increasing, BMA reports

The majority of locums found that locum work has increased in the last month, the BMA has said.

In its latest tracker survey, locum doctors reported that in the last month locum work had increased. 

Of the 27.97% of respondents who undertook locum work, a third (9.32%) reported an increase. Just under a third (8.49%) reported no change, but said that they could have done more work had they wished to.

Only 5.19% said they felt that locum work had decreased. 

Survey results correspond with record bookings seen on the NASGP’s platform, LocumDeck. 

Mid-month statistics show that sessional GPs had broken existing records this month on three counts:

– Highest number of bookings for GP locums in one month.

– Highest number of GP locums booking sessions in one month.

– Highest number of GP practices making bookings with GP locums in one month.

GP locums can search for sessions at local practices on LocumDeck

"NASGP came along way before people understood the need for sessional and small group practices to be valued by the system. On joining as a single-handed GP many years ago, I was welcomed into the team by initially wrote a few blogs for the organisation, which followed my understanding of yet another NHS reorganisation. It was only due to the vision and drive of Richard, your founder, that NASGP survived the large practice dominance. The inception of being a portal for the needs of GP locums was a masterstroke. Those who knew about it quickly realised the true meaning of networking. So here we are many years down the line and in footballing terminology NASGP now play in the Premier League.
"Well done to all as this is a just reward for the loyalty, dedication and hard work of your team. I have fond memories of working with NASGP and would urge every practice, large or small, to join this organisation, there are only gains and no losses."

Dr Tony Hall-Jones, retired GP

Dr Tony Hall-Jones, retired GP

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