If you've already got an NASGP account, whether as an Associate, NASGP membership or Practice Manager member, login to your NASGP dashboard.

  • Ownership of a Spip is included as part of free NASGP Practice Manager membership.
  • Add unlimited number of GPs, nurses and practice staff to view or edit your Spip.
  • It's completely free to clinicians and staff to view a practice's Spip, assuming you have their authorisation.
  • For secure access you will need to be registered with NASGP as an Associate, but that's free too.
  • GP wishing to set up a Spip? Become a 'Spip Clinician' (register as a free NASGP Associate or become a paying NASGP member) and ask your practice manager to activate you as a 'Spip Editor'. From your NASGP Dashboard (after signing in) you can formally invite your practice manager to set up a Spip.

Locum folders are great, but they can easily get lost, go out of date quickly and it's often difficult to find the relevant information. So now, practices can add all that information to Spip - easy to search, can't get lost, simple to update, and all free as part of Spip!