Thriving as a GP locum handbook

locum survival guide for GP locumsNASGP's brand new locum handbook. With over 6,000 downloads, over 40 pages on everything you need to thrive as a GP locum. It's the ultimate locum guide, produced by the National Association of Sessional GPs, and it's completely free with either your FREE NASGP Associate membership or Full Membership.

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Table of contents

Start assembling your paperwork

  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.
  • Occupational health

Ensure the Performers List is updated with your details

Update your medical indemnity cover

Tax, national insurance and accountancy

Get your gear together

  • Work calendar
  • Satnav or similar smartphone mapping app
  • Usual basic kit generally expected
  • Useful items that are often missing from consulting rooms
  • Other essentials if doing home visits
  • Drug bag

Finding work, and helping practices find you

  • Choices of channels for arranging work
  • Locum agencies for short-term locuming - but beware Trojan Horses
  • Independent GP locuming for longer-term locuming in a specific area

Agreeing terms and booking process

  • Finding out about the practice and the circumstances of the booking
  • Defining work
  • Time-based
  • Workload-based
  • Agreeing the type of work
  • Core work
  • Other extra work
  • Any special enhanced services
  • How to set your pay rates
  • Other factors that may affect your rates
  • Bringing this all together
  • How to actually make and manage your own bookings
  • Reactive approach
  • Proactive approach

On the day of your GP locum session

Locum survival guide

Getting pay and pension

  • Update your pension record with your new locum status
  • Generating Invoices and pension forms
  • Invoices
  • Generating your GP Locum A pension forms
  • Sending your invoices and any GP Locum A pension forms
  • Tracking your payments and completed Locum Form As.
  • To pay your NHS pension contribution
  • When should I generate a GP Locum B form?
  • Other key information you will need to complete your GP Locum B form
  • When to send your completed GP Locum B forms and payment
  • Where to send it
  • Financial record keeping
  • How to keep adequate records

Feedback and appraisal

  • Portable GP locum learning system
  • Colleagues for fun and support
  • Sources of support
  • Stay in touch
  • Nationally
  • Locally