The threads of your life, you have sewn patches on patches
You sew and so,
Your tapestry hung for me to beat
A request for a miracle, a whirl of tailoring required

Yet my habit has been to observe
Not impale my pins upon your colours
You, and the thundering others,
A stampede at times, or a stuttering trick

Ill? But unrelenting
Chapters and chapters and chapters
A decade of tales
Details: unbidden and horrifying
Rarely delighting

Glimmers of joy, nor fraying hope will
Gleeful release, surely, be mine?
Future echoes of my delight and excitement
Bindings broken, ties cut
A labyrinth of opportunity

Or a cliff-dive, wingsuited, exhilarating
Landing in what reality?
The whole quilted landscape,
Patch on patch

Let me find that cottage in the woods
Where I can heal
Where I can be real
Where you really will be better
Where I can really listen

And you can be heard.


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  1. Stephen Pope
    Those last 6 lines really moved me - what I was in some way looking for more and more towards the end of my just finished (?) medical career.

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