LocumDeck for Nurses in Frimley

LocumDeck lets you work your way - while helping practices find the right skills.

The NASGP has partnered with Frimley Integrated Care System (ICS) to create the Frimley ICS Primary Care Staff Bank, which runs on NASGP’s LocumDeck platform.

LocumDeck already allows GP practices across Frimley to access hundreds of hours of GP time every month.

Now, in collaboration with practice managers, nurses and professional bodies, we have adapted LocumDeck to make it easy for nurses and GP practices to work flexibly together.

Work freelance or join a bank

Flexible and welcoming to all registered nurses with general practice experience, on LocumDeck, nurses and practices can work together in a way that works best for both of them.

Get yourself seen

Profile your skills, qualifications, experience, compliance data and availability in one place.

Make the perfect match with practices

Choose when, where and what work you can offer.

Book work instantly

Show practices your skills profile and available clinics so they can book you right away. Plus, get live alerts about work opportunities.

No need for agencies

We put you, the professionals, in control. It’s better for you and more cost-effective for practices.

Get paid easily

On LocumDeck, it’s hassle-free to claim your pay, whether you’re freelance or in the bank.

Frequently-asked questions

Do I have to live in Frimley to participate?

No, you can live anywhere. You just need to be interested in working in Frimley ICS Primary Care Staff Bank practices.

How do I join? 

To join Frimley ICS Primary Care Staff Bank, register on LocumDeck at NASGP.org.uk and follow the instructions.

What hours will I have to work?

In the Staff Bank, you decide when to work and where you want to work – there are no set hours. You can offer whatever hours you can work, whenever you’re available.

What type of clinics will I have to work?

You decide what type of clinics you want to offer. If you have a certain skill set you enjoy and you can show evidence of appropriate training, the Staff Bank gives you the chance to design your clinics so you can practise your skills even further.

We can advise you on what practices are looking for so you can mix your clinics to balance general and specific skills to maximise your work opportunities. But you decide – if you just want to offer Women’s health clinics, it’s up to you

What choice do I have about the type of contract?

You have two choices about how you would like to work: you can be self-employed or join as a bank worker.

How do I start working as a bank worker?

If you join as a bank worker, you will be offered a zero-hours contract with Frimley ICS Primary Care Staff Bank, which is run by a local GP federation. You will be paid via their payroll and get an annual leave accrual allowance plus your NHS pension.

How much will I get paid as a bank worker?

The pay rates are based on the pay bands for Agenda for Change. Your pay band will be based on the level of skill and experience in primary care that you will be offering. This will be decided in discussion with you as part of your application.

Where can I find out about tax on a second job?

If you have more than one job it is important to make sure that your Personal Allowance is being applied properly and you are paying the right tax across your jobs. Read more about tax codes, national insurance and how to inform HMRC.

How do I start working as a self-employed nurse? 

To commence work on a self-employed basis you would need to register with HMRC. Read more.

You can start working as a self-employed nurse by signing up to Frimley ICS Primary Care Staff Bank and booking shifts directly with practices.

Where can I find out about paying tax as a self-employed nurse? 

Register for Self-Assessment Tax at HMRC. You may wish to read the RCN’s guide to starting out as a self-employed nurse.

What indemnity protection do I need if I join the staff bank? 

Get in touch with the RCN to find out about your individual circumstances.

How will joining the staff bank impact my NHS pension?

For information on how self-employed or bank work affects your pension, please see the Royal College of Nurses (RCN)’s pensions guide.

How can I return to nursing after a break?

If your registration with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) has lapsed, you will need to get back on the NMC register. Read more from the NMC on how to return to the register after a break or lapse in registration.

Can I join the Staff Bank without prior GP nursing experience?

Yes, although you have to be a registered nurse to join. Many nurses with no general practice experience have skills which can transfer to primary care. To find out how your current skills fit, apply to join and complete the skills profile. Your host can then help you go through your skills profile and advise you on your individual circumstances.

How can the Staff Bank help me get training?

Frimley ICS Primary Care Staff Bank is supported by Frimley Training Hub. The hub can help whether you need to join a Return to Practice programme, or simply undertake targeted training in certain general practice nursing skills. Contact the hub for advice on your individual circumstances.


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