Newly-qualified GPs

We know how important any kind of help is when you’re newly-qualified, especially if you’re planning to start your career as a GP locum.

Joining NASGP means joining the biggest community of GP locums in the UK. Membership gives you access to the tools and knowledge you need to help you achieve great things in your daily work and working life.

The NASGP-RCGP offer is now closed to new members, but newly-qualified GPs can still get free NASGP membership, including access to LocumDeck.

Joining us gives you access to LocumDeck, NASGP's independent locum booking platform, plus extensive online resources:

  • FAQs on essentials such as SD numbers, safeguarding and Type 2 forms.
  • Clinical articles designed specifically for GP locums.
  • Exclusive access to our network of NASGP Locum Chambers.
  • Weekly emails on news such as HMRC deadline extensions.

Stock image of a GP locum and RCGP member

Our offer to GP trainees

GP trainees can also benefit from a range of services and support, including extensive online resources, discussion forums and our admin tool, LocumDeck. And after your CCT date, we’ll continue your free membership for three more months while you get established. Membership is just £12/month after that.

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RCGP members and locums

Some information about us

Our story

We are the independent membership body for general practice locums in the UK, founded by locums for locums. We’ve spent over twenty years supporting, listening and engaging with locums. With 5,000 members, our community includes a quarter of all GP locums, and it’s growing fast.

In 2020, we relaunched our membership packages to include NASGP Locum Chambers membership, a complete model for GP locum support via a local collective of self-employed locums with a dedicated manager and clinical director.

Our purpose

GP locums are a critical resource in our increasingly flexible workplace and being highly trained, with broad perspectives of General Practice, they have lots to contribute. But it can be a challenging way to work. While GP practices need locums, locums need systems that work for them so they can do their best work.

We’re here to help GP locums succeed in their working days and their working lives, to make their work the best it can be for everyone – for locums, the practices they work with, and most importantly, patients.