Practice managers

The NASGP is a voluntary, not-for-profit membership organisation run entirely by and for sessional (salaried and locum) GPs.

We were founded in 1997 to make sure the voice of salaried and locum GPs could be heard independently of GP partners, yet work together to improve patient care. The small membership fee that we charge sessional GPs helps us to continue raising the profile of general practice by supporting sessional GPs and the practices we work in.

Your free NASGP practice membership comes with LocumDeck and Spip.

Practice Manager

Use this option to set up LocumDeck for your practice to book locums and manage invoices, set up a Spip


Unlimited free salaried GP and partnership adverts.

Unlimited free posting of locum cover requirements through LocumDeck.

Instant Book GP locums online.

Spip - practice-specific info-sharing extranet.

(Spip is free to all GPs and staff too)

Manage locum invoices, paperless pension forms and payments.

Dozens of articles on making the most of locums.

Your unique practice discussion forum.

Downloadable practice templates.

Included with your free NASGP membership for GP practices:


The Standardised Practice Information Portal (Spip) is the information air traffic control system for busy practices allowing sharing and easy updating of practice-specific information presented in a quick and easy to search format. So information can be used where and when it’s needed - in the consulting room or at the fingertips of staff dealing with a patient enquiry. Far more than just a fixed platform that feeds down locally-generated guideline and pathways, Spip can become a “practice’s memory” by allowing crowdsourcing of all that precious soft intelligence that practice staff pick up during their busy working day.

Includes LocumPack and a Network facility for CCGs, GP hubs, federations, hospitals or similar organisation can assemble live, Centrally Updatable Directory of Services ( Cudos) and an inbuilt communication platform that can transfer information to any related practice’s Spip, ready for the practice to tailor it to their practice setting.


LocumDeck is an online booking management, invoicing and pension system that can be shared by GP locums and practices.

Website content

You'll have full access to fast-approaching 700 different pages of information – news, FAQs, blogs, articles (risk management with our friends at MPS, money matters, locum-specific perspective on any clinical guidelines etc) and dozens of useful downloadable documents for you to use and adapt for your day-to-day work as a salaried GP, locum or practice manager.

Email newsletter and magazine

We often use emails to let you know the latest news relating to sessional GP issues, latest clinical blogs, update on any new, useful features in Practeus etc


AppraisalAid is our suite of information, locum-specific advice and downloadable templates, created by GP locums but suitable for all GPs and practices to help make appraisal easier and more meaningful for the setting you work in.

You'll also be supporting us to do all our behind-the-scenes work too:

  • campaign for professional equality, provision of education and political representation
  • support over 100 SGP groups and chambers
  • publish bi-monthly 'The Sessional GP’ magazine "The quality and contents of the magazine are superb, and it's wonderful that GP locums now have a voice and are seen as a vital part of the medical workforce.”
  • host or support national conferences
  • publish a Code of Good Practice to foster safe team working and effective care for patients
  • maintain strong links with the BMA, RCGP and medical press
  • challenge the marginalisation of SGPs through lobbying and debate
  • provide enhanced support solutions for GP locums such as locum chambers and the affiliate Freelance GP Scheme.

We rely heavily upon our paying members for support, and that’s why we need even more to carry on doing what we’ve been doing so well. The more paying members we have, the more we can do. So if you can, please join the NASGP as a full member.

Network membership

For CCGs, GP hubs, federations, hospitals or any other similar organisation, Network-Cudos allows you to centrally assemble a live relational database of records such as policies, pathways, service information and contact details, enriched with web links, uploads and an inbuilt communications platform that can seamlessly integrate and transfer information to any related practice's Standardised Practice Information Portal (Spip).