Intrauterine ball – a new copper intrauterine device

This is a 'New Product Review' from the FSRH on the intrauterine ball (IUB). It is otherwise known by the not so catchy title of SCu300B MIDI.

This is a copper intrauterine device. It has copper beads strung on a flexible frame. It is released from a 3.2mm diameter insertion tube and then coils into a spherical shape measuring 15mm across.

It lasts for 5 yrs, and it costs £38.

However the major drawback is that there isn't good evidence yet about how effective it is, nor how safe it is and nor how acceptable to women it is. There also aren't studies yet comparing it to other copper intrauterine devices. It is available for use in the UK. Other sizes are available in other countries.

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