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Since NHS England launched its primary care flexible staff pools framework, we have worked with eight different ICBs to bring about significant improvements in the way that practices are able to engage GP locums, including:

  • Typical ICB locum fill rates of up to 92%.
  • Some 90% practice engagement across partnership areas, with 100% in established areas.
  • NASGP GPs working up to 1,000 sessions per month per ICB.

LocumDeck already accommodates practice nurses who can work within any contractual arrangement, and over 2023 we will be expanding LocumDeck to also accommodate all clinical and non-clinical roles within primary care.

Now that NASGP’s LocumDeck is an approved supplier on the NHS digital suppliers Framework, you too can now partner with us to deploy your new digital flexible pools funding.

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Testimonials for NASGP and our platform, LocumDeck

"LocumDeck does everything you want it to do in an instant. I absolutely love the facility for receiving locums' invoices and the facility for signing pension forms electronically. They are then instantly sent with an audit trail. It is fabulous! You are notified the moment a GP locum adds availability, which is just fantastic. I have no hesitation in recommending LocumDeck – it has already eased my workload."

Sue, practice manager, Portsmouth

"LocumDeck has totally transformed our process for securing ad-hoc GP cover. Overnight we moved from a chaotic email round robin, over to a slick and simple process, with a much better cover rate for shifts needed."

Tom Brock-Hastings, Management Partner, Frampton & Stonehouse Practice Group, Gloucestershire

Unlocking the potential of your locum workforce

LocumDeck matches GP locums to local practices’ needs, providing both parties with the information they need to work together safely.

Take a look at our new three-minute video below to find out how, by signing up to NASGP’s LocumDeck for free, practices can start their own virtual GP locum bank.

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GP locum bookings on LocumDeck

Since 2020 we have seen GP locum bookings double on LocumDeck every year.

We designed LocumDeck so GPs can show their confirmed availability, meaning practices can ‘Instant Book’ locums at the click of a mouse.

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