Scottish GP locum sounds the alarm on burnout

28th April 2022 by NASGP

Scottish GP locum sounds the alarm on burnout

A GP locum in Scotland has warned about how workforce pressures are affecting patient care, the Daily Record reports.

Dr Amy Small, a GP locum in Midlothian, was speaking on behalf of the BMA and General Practice Defence Fund’s Rebuild General Practice campaign.

A poll carried out last month by Rebuild GP found 86% of Scottish GPs who responded said they have felt anxiety, stress, or depression in the last year.

“We have hit a point now where things are so tight in general practice that we have this perfect storm where issues of retention and recruitment are now actually causing issues of patient safety,” Dr Small told the Record. “GPs are retiring early because of pension changes that are harshly penalising them and GPs are burning out because workload is just overwhelming.

“People who I never thought in a million years would be affected and are now having to seek mental health support and are unable to do clinical work.

“And I think as soon as you throw something else into the mix, like personal illness or having to manage a young family, that one thing tips it.”

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, chair of NASGP, said: “NASGP Locum Chambers is often a ‘safe exit’ for partner and salaried GPs struggling in their current settings. At NASGP we wish NHS England would embrace this model. NASGP Locum Chambers offers GPs all the support they need to keep them in the workforce, maintaining a sense of purpose and helping them remain motivated. The chambers will also encourage GPs to move to an area and are an excellent model for supporting newly qualified GPs.

“Please, if any GPs who are struggling in their current role, we have a professional support toolkit for them and if you’re interested in us helping you get a locum chambers set up anywhere in Scotland we would love to help!”

Wherever you work, you can join our national online NASGP Locum Chambers to get regular support.

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Dr Daniel Nai, GP, Essex

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