Salaried GP ‘overtime tracker’ toolkit launched by BMA 

12th October 2023 by NASGP

Salaried GP ‘overtime tracker’ toolkit launched by BMA 

Salaried GPs have been urged to track their working hours as part of a new campaign by the BMA following reports of missing pay rises.

Last week NASGP reported that some salaried GPs have been told that ‘no money has come through the contract’ for the six percent pay rise due to them. The story was picked up by Management In Practice.

The BMA, led by the General Practitioners Committee’s sessional GP subcommittee, has now launched a toolkit including an overtime rate card and letter to employers about its use.

The union recommends that overtime be paid at 150% in core hours and 200% outside core hours.

It also recommends that overtime time off in lieu (TOIL) be provisioned at 1.5 hours per hour worked for core hours, and two hours outside.

The BMA is also developing a ‘GP Diary’ app to track hours, compare job plans against hours worked, and summarise overwork for employers.

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, NASGP chair, wrote: “Any negotiation by GP partners with the government for more pay will fail at the first hurdle if they’re found not to be valuing the GPs they employ. And while many practices were instantly forthcoming with regards to passing on the 6% pay rise, many have been less forthcoming, which not only undermines their salaried GPs, but also themselves and their colleagues’s efforts to fight for more funding for general practice.”

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