New 2015/16 GP contract and sessional GPs in England

28th October 2014 by NASGP

Practice reimbursement for maternity and paternity locums

Unsuspecting locums have occasionally found themselves in the middle of a practice dispute over who’s going to be paying them for covering a practice GP off on maternity leave. But from April 2015 this will be covered automatically covered by NHS England, who will cover £1.113.74 (approximately 4 sessions) for the first 2 weeks, then £1,734.18 (approximately 6 sessions) thereafter.

Named accountable GPs for every patient

It’s not clear whether this will definitely include salaried GPs, but previous experience from named GPs for elderly patients suggest it will.

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Publication of mean practice earnings per GP

Perhaps the most controversial change, and isn’t going as far as NHS Employers would like, who actually want to publish individual’s earning from 2016 – this includes salaried GPs and ‘long-term’ locums.

See Pulse for full details.

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