BMA model salaried contract for PMS practices slips under radar

28th September 2016 by NASGP

BMA model salaried contract for PMS practices slips under radar

Eagle-eyed NASGP member Paula Wright has recently spotted some news that could have a positive impact on potentially thousands of salaried GPs current;y working in PMS practices in England.

According to the NHS England Standard Personal Medical Services Agreement 2015/16, published in July 2015, the PMS practice

“…shall only offer employment to a medical practitioner who is to be appointed as a salaried general practitioner on terms and conditions which are no less favourable than those contained in the “Model terms and conditions of service for a salaried general practitioner employed by a GMS practice” published by the British Medical Association and the NHS Confederation as item 1.2 of the supplementary documents to the new GMS contract 2003″.

What’s rather odd is that it’s even out of date on the NHS employers website (as of September 2016 – at least, only mentions GMS) and still here on the BMA website, so if we receive any updates to this news story, or indeed receive a correction, we’ll update you here.

The timing of its original publication does coincide quite closely with the abolition of the model salaried GP contract being debated at last year’s LMC conference, which may have had a bearing on publicity surrounding its launch.

If this news affects you, or you know anyone who might be affected by this, please get in touch.


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