2023 pay rise: ‘No money’ for uplift, salaried GPs told

4th October 2023 by NASGP

2023 pay rise: ‘No money’ for uplift, salaried GPs told

Salaried GPs have been told that ‘no money has come through the contract’ for the six percent pay rise due to them.

GPs took to NASGP’s closed group on Facebook to discuss the differences across England:

  • One of NASGP’s closed GP group on Facebook commented that they had had ‘no [pay rise] at all’.
  • Another working at two practices said that the pay rise had ‘not even been acknowledged to date’ by either employer.
  • A third reported no pay rise.

Some GPs have been promised a pay rise to come. One GP told colleagues: “The practice is aware of it and is anticipating it but what I’ve been told is that they haven’t reviewed the funds for it yet.”

Other GPs have had more success. One GP wrote: “Yes, and it’s been paid in September’s pay including the backdated pay from April onwards.” Another reported that they had received the payrise, after having ‘proactively addressed’ it. A third, on maternity leave, had had the pay rise backdated. A fourth GP reported having it backdated to April.

The global sum for GP practices in England has been increased from £102.28 to £104.73 per patient, in order to finance a 6% staff uplift, Pulse reported on Monday 2 October.

Shortly after the announcement the General Practitioners’ Committee (GPC) provided specific advice, writing: “The BMA model contract specifies an annual salary uplift linked to annual DDRB awards and a date at which the uplift should be applied.

“If no such date is stated in the salaried GP employee’s contract, both committees believe the default uplift date should be 1 April.

“If the BMA model contract has been amended by the practice and employee by mutual consent, for example where different terms are stated, contractors should comply with the terms of the employment contract.

“If no uplifts are referenced within an employees contract then the employer has discretion, but we encourage practices to pass on the uplift they receive for the purpose it is intended.”

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, NASGP chair, said: “Although GP partners face huge complexities in managing practices, particularly in these challenging times, it’s crucial to remember that the BMA model contract is not merely a guideline but a commitment to fair employment practices for salaried GPs. The 6% pay uplift is not just a number: it’s a reflection of the value and hard work that salaried GPs bring to their roles, especially under current pressures.

“And practices are certainly feeling the financial strain, so it’s essential to view this uplift as an investment in the stability and quality of the service they provide. We encourage your practices to honour this commitment and urge you to actively seek the uplift you are due. In the end, a well-supported GP workforce benefits us all.”

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