Welcoming practice managers

25th November 2015 by NASGP

Welcoming practice managers

In recognition of the crucial role that practice managers have in the successful deployment of GP locums, as well as supporting their salaried, retainer and returner GPs, and to support them in making sure that their locum’s time is spent safely, effectively and efficiently, we are today launching a new section of our website dedicated to advice for practice managers, as well as allowing them to become members of the NASGP.

The support of well-motivated and informed practice managers can make such a big difference to sessional GPs. This can be particularly helpful for locum GPs, enabling them to perform to the absolute best of their ability, rather than risk floundering in confusion and misinformation when working in an unfamiliar practice. Having all GPs working to the best of their ability gives each practice its best chance of providing outstanding care to its patients.

Practice Manager membership is currently free for the first six months, and includes ongoing ownership of their own comprehensive Standardised Practice Information Portal, enabling practices to centralise and crowdsource practice-specific information for any GP or staff member, ensuring all GPs have access to essential practice information.


"I have decided to retire from medicine, and so from the NASGP too. You have my heartfelt thanks for being around, especially for all the useful articles in your journal, and I wish you well for the future. "

Dr Stephen Pope

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