NHS England I&R Scheme gets a revamp

18th March 2019 by NASGP

NHS England I&R Scheme gets a revamp

NHS England relaunched the Induction & Refresher Scheme in 2016, during which time 785 GPs have applied to join the scheme, and 279 have already completed the scheme and are now working as GPs in England.

The new I&R Scheme campaign is particularly highlighting the extra annual £1 billion funding that’s going into core general practice funding by 2023-24, and the new indemnity scheme funding, all of which is hoped is going to make working as a GP more attractive.

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It’s worth noting that NHS England is taking a proactive approach to increasing the number of GPs, whilst the Welsh Government seem intent on placing restrictions on GP locums working in Wales.

"I've tried simple templates or hard copies of locum packs before but find they so quickly become out of date. I like the way the NASGP's Standardised Practice Information Portal is easier to navigate and update than these paper-based systems."

Dr Amy Kerstein

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