Essential Covid-19 advice for GP locums

18th March 2020 by NASGP

Essential Covid-19 advice for GP locums

NASGP has produced a new template to make sure practices are able to provide them will all necessary information.

Toolkit | Key Covid-19 management options

To be completed by practice or organisation to provide key information about Covid-19 to GP locums who are otherwise unfamiliar with the practice or organisation.

Key Covid-19 management options

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"Since joining NASGP Locum Chambers I have noted a positive change which I feel has made a significant contribution in both my professional and personal life.

LocumDeck's booking system puts me in touch with a large number of surgeries. I work part-time and the software is intricately tailored to facilitate working at my pace and choice.

In addition, I have access to the NASGP Locum Chambers' supporting infrastructure such as the Chambers Manager through whom all my admin work (like generating invoices and pension forms) is organised. In the past this felt like a load. Now I feel that my time is 'freed up' and so I have a better work-life balance. Working with NASGP Locum Chambers has simplified my life."

Dr Smita Iyer, Essex

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