Coordinating any GP with capacity for the Covid-19 crisis

20th March 2020 by NASGP

Coordinating any GP with capacity for the Covid-19 crisis

NASGP chairman Dr Richard Fieldhouse has today written to all 4,500 NASGP locum members after receiving repeated requests from locums and other GPs with spare capacity about how to help out during this current pandemic using LocumDeck.

NASGP has already been working closely with 12 different CCG areas to help connect all their locums and practices together through LocumDeck. Practices can already sign up for free, with over 1,400 practice already on LocumDeck.

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Any GPs with spare capacity to support a practice or local Covid-19 hub are being urged to set themselves up on LocumDeck now, linking with any practices they already know from the list that are already on LocumDeck, and manually adding any others that they know of, and then choose which ones you’re prepared to be booked by for this work.

NASGP is happy to extend or renew anyone’s free 3-month trial of LocumDeck.

“LocumDeck will be of huge value in this crisis, as it was designed and built by GPs who really understand locum work – our members! – to allow locums like us to show practices the work we’re willing and able to do, and share our real-time bookable availability with them. This unique combination of control and safety is balanced with super-quick and transparent booking for practices. Safety and speed are going to be more important than ever in the coming weeks, and we hope that LocumDeck can help you and your local health care system through this.”

LocumDeck is already offered as part of FULL £11/month NASGP membership, and anyone can sign up for a three month free trial of NASGP membership.

"I have been working with NASGP as the main source of income since graduating. I can't recommend them more highly for newly-graduated GPs. They helped me with setting my terms and conditions and they even arranged a tutorial session about EMIS, as the system was new to me.

LocumDeck is a great help when it comes to organising sessions, pension forms and invoices for tax purposes.

NASGP was particularly supportive during the Covid-19 period. It recognised the effect it had on locum work, temporarily waived the already small fee on sessions and were keen on getting the members together in regular video meetings.

I'm a satisfied member of NASGP. "

Dr Nazar Ahmed

Dr Nazar Ahmed

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