AppraisalAid – new tool for Appraisal

31st January 2015 by NASGP

AppraisalAid – new tool for Appraisal

NASGP AppraisalAidGP locums find NHS appraisal tough, so NASGP today launches AppraisalAid, a unique suite of information and locum-specific templates to complement existing so-called appraisal ‘toolkits’.

AppraisalAid will help freelance locum GPs to improve the quality of care they provide for patients, and record this as evidence for their annual NHS appraisal.

NHS appraisal for general practitioners has been largely geared towards practice-based GPs, partly because they have traditionally formed the largest number of GPs, but also because they already work in a supportive environment.

But GP locums will often work in over 30 different practices every year, are professionally isolated and largely unsupported, with up to 17,000 of us working in the UK.

Dr Sara Chambers, NASGP’s appraisal lead and a locum GP herself, said “AppraisalAid is a comprehensive appraisal resource, giving both helpful advice and also very practical methods to actually perform appraisal activities and gather the resultant evidence. It very much complements other appraisal toolkits, which tend to focus more on the display of appraisal evidence to appraisers rather than actually helping in the actual activities of gathering this evidence.”

“It’s been developed by locum GPs for locums GPs, incorporating best practice from health organisations around the UK as well as the day-to-day experience of working as a GP in a wide range of practices.”

NASGP’s AppraisalAid guidance and templates will be of very practical use to GP partners and salaried GPs alike, and is free of charge to NASGP members, with monthly membership at £8 per month.

"I started my career as a GP locum last year a week after CCT. I strongly agree with the doctors who praise the NASGP team. If there is no NASGP, there would be no GP locum called Dr Darshanie Seneviratne.

The team is absolutely amazing especially Dr Richard Fieldhouse, Ali Lewis and Jacqui Gumbrell – all providing unbelievable support to us. I've never seen such urgent assistance from any other team at any point in my career. For example when one of my invoices was delayed by a month and a half, Ali was incredibly supportive. It is a very good strength for us as we have support with any issues. I would like to stay with this amazing team forever. "

Dr Darshanie Seneviratne, GP, Essex

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