More money for GP retainer scheme

28th July 2016 by NASGP

More money for GP retainer scheme

Practices are to receive an extra £18 for each session the GP retainer works, whilst the retainees themselves will see their annual payment towards professional expenses increase to £1,000 per year for each session they work per week. But this extra funding is only available until June 2019, during which time NHS England, the BMA and RCGP are going to come up with a better plan to retain more GPs in the workforce and encourage them to not leave in the first place.The Retained Doctor Scheme is a package of support which includes financial incentives and development support to help GPs who might otherwise leave the profession to remain in clinical general practice.

At present, after June 2019, the intention is to stop these payments if the GP is still on the scheme.You can read the full Retained Doctor Scheme guidance  and answers to frequently asked questions.

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