New LocumDeck menus for GPs and practice managers

18th January 2024 by NASGP

New LocumDeck menus for GPs and practice managers

LocumDeck has updated its menu design to make the platform easier and simpler for GP locums to use.

GPs will benefit from a new-look menu, including a new ‘finance’ tab that groups both LocumDeck’s invoice management and its Bookkeeper accounting feature.

The LocumDeck forum has also been given its own tab, making both the dashboard and forum cleaner and easier to use.

All settings have now been moved to an easy-access side panel, making it easier for GPs to find and adjust the platform to suit their needs.

Practice managers will also see easier, simpler menus when they login. Services remain the same for both GPs and practice managers.

For NASGP members outside of NASGP Locum Chambers, there is also a ‘magic wand’ on LocumDeck that provides fast access to adding bookings and invoices. GP locums in NASGP Locum Chambers have all their bookings and invoices managed by NASGP’s Membership Support Managers (including sending and chasing invoices), so this feature has been cleaned up from the way they see LocumDeck.

Changes will go live on Tuesday 23 January 2024.

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"I was delighted to have been invited to join GP locum chambers. I enjoy great peer support from my colleagues via our monthly meetings, which has been helpful to me discussing some specific things that arise with GP locum working.

I have found LocumDeck really straightforward to use and immensely helpful; in particular invoicing and the pension forms A and B has cut down my admin time dramatically, which I’m pleased about. The support from NASGP's membership support manager, is excellent, friendly and knowledgeable.

NASGP membership brings with it a host of benefits, including a range of excellent materials to draw on for support and learning. I would recommend NASGP chambers to anyone working or thinking of working as a GP locum."

Dr Chloe Evans, GP, Oxford

Dr Chloe Evans, GP, Oxford

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