New GP business education series launches this summer

22nd June 2023 by NASGP

New GP business education series launches this summer

Sessional GPs can learn more about the business of general practice as part of a new series of lunchtime webinars run by Cambridgeshire Local Medical Committee (LMC).

Business Bitesize’ is GP business education aimed at sessional GPs with a view to joining a partnership as well as GP entrepreneurs, trainees looking to top up their VTS, and partners and practice managers looking for tips or a knowledge refresh.

Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer, chair of the LMC and also chair of the LMCs’ conference, will lead a session in July on how patient complaints are handled at local and national levels.

Dr Bramall-Stainer wrote: “Whether you have recently completed your training, may be interested in a future partnership at some point, or taking on quality-improvement or leadership roles in a primary care setting, we are offering a suite of modules around NHS performance processes, employment law and legal issues pertinent to practice, how funding works and what governance needs to look like for a modern GP running a business – be that as a locum, offering private services, taking a clinical lead or running a practice.

“We have had around 40 local sessional GPs go through our modular course on business fundamentals which has allowed us to identify trends of learning needs and highlight the precise skills required for GPs to better understand how to be more in control of their own futures.”

GPs can access an earlybird discount by using the code BBJUNE10.

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, chair of NASGP, said: “There are so many different career opportunities in general practice, with working as a salaried GP or a GP locum being a great way to maintain one’s clinical practice.

“But opportunities to learn about how to transition to new opportunities within general practice from such forward-thinking experts are few and far between, which is why courses like these, from industry experts, can be an affordable way to support more sessional GPs to take up these new opportunities.

“As well as being a great way to diversify our own portfolio careers, general practice benefits too from the knowledge and wisdom of GPs who’ve experienced different ways of working across all sorts of different clinical settings.”

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"I was delighted to have been invited to join GP locum chambers. I enjoy great peer support from my colleagues via our monthly meetings, which has been helpful to me discussing some specific things that arise with GP locum working.

I have found LocumDeck really straightforward to use and immensely helpful; in particular invoicing and the pension forms A and B has cut down my admin time dramatically, which I’m pleased about. The support from NASGP's membership support manager, is excellent, friendly and knowledgeable.

NASGP membership brings with it a host of benefits, including a range of excellent materials to draw on for support and learning. I would recommend NASGP chambers to anyone working or thinking of working as a GP locum."

Dr Chloe Evans, GP, Oxford

Dr Chloe Evans, GP, Oxford

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