GPs can now auto-add NASGP membership to expenses

19th August 2022 by NASGP

GPs can now auto-add NASGP membership to expenses

GP locums can now use Locumdeck’s Bookkeeper to auto-add NASGP subscriptions to their expenses.

LocumDeck’s ‘Bookkeeper’ manages all the tax-deductible expenses related to GP locum work including mileage and professional subscriptions.

When a GP’s monthly subscription fees are received via NASGP’s GoCardless system, they are automatically added to the member’s Bookkeeper expenses. Booking Fee and Chamber Fees will all be added next month.

Expenses are added when NASGP receives payment, not when the member is debited, so members may see delays between the debit and the expense log.

Locumdeck’s Bookkeeper updates itself completely automatically and allows GP locums to manually add extra data too to cover all self-employed work. Expenses are easy to export, check and share with accountants and financial advisors.

It automatically records key data points for GP locums, including:

  • Total sessions worked.
  • Total income earned.
  • Employer pension contributions.
  • Reimbursed travel costs.
  • Invoices (PDF) and invoice status.
  • Auto-completed Locum A and B forms.
  • Mileage.

Bookkeeper also includes NASGP’s ‘session counter’ to automatically record the number of four-hour equivalent sessions to save time on GP locum indemnity paperwork.

Try LocumDeck free for three months.

"Love LocumDeck. Invoice sent for this month. Super quick and easy once set-up. Form all calculated - lovely! "

Dr Kate Little, GP

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