Delay records access, BMA and RCGP advise

28th October 2022 by NASGP

Delay records access, BMA and RCGP advise

Records access scheduled for 1 November could be illegal according to BMA warnings, Pulse reports.

Guidance published on 25 October advises that offering patients access to records could break data protection laws.

The RCGP has also called on the Government to postpone the 1 November launch, Pulse reports.

Dr Kiren Collison has written some advice for NASGP members on online records access that includes links to the practice checklist, webinars, the NHS workspace and the RCGP’s toolkit.

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, NASGP chair, said: “Yet another top down measure that will increase pressure on practices begins tomorrow, and no doubt will have practices and staff on edge. As we go about our day jobs supporting practices over the next few days and weeks, we strongly recommend having a read first of Kiren’s article.

“It should help prepare us all for all eventualities, and importantly also to have conversations with the staff on arrival at each different practice to make sure we’re on the same page in terms of how to respond to any queries from patients. Bear in mind that practices may well have taken different approaches on how to handle this change.

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