GP workload teeters as Gov adds data opt-out, mask exemptions, whiplash claims

4th June 2021 by NASGP

GP workload teeters as Gov adds data opt-out, mask exemptions, whiplash claims

Overwhelmed GPs will be asked to explain patient data extraction, sign mask exemptions and file whiplash claims on top of existing workload, Pulse reports.

Two weeks ago, NHS England asked GPs to do up to 90% face-to-face appointments in controversial new guidance that sparked a rift with the GPC.

Only last month, GP leaders had warned the public that patient demand now radically outstrips workforce capacity.

New workload outside of general medical services has repeatedly fallen to GPs:

  • NHS Digital’s plans to extract patient data from GP records starting on 1 July have led thousands of patients to seek help to opt out. Patients only have until 23 June to opt out, and NHSD has neglected to run any public information campaigns ahead of the extraction.
  • On 31 May, medical evidence became mandatory for whiplash claims. According to Government statistics, there were more than 550,000 whiplash claims made in 2019/20, Pulse reports.
  • Airlines have instructed passengers who wish to obtain mask exemption on flights to seek a letter from their GP – suggesting that the Government has failed to advise airlines of its guidance to the contrary.

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